Vikash Kaser: Rocking People to His Tunes as a DJ and Music Producer


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Posted: Friday September 24th, 2021 12:18 PM [IST]

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This young talent has made a unique success story in the world of music across India.

It is amazing to know all these people who choose their respective paths and build their careers on their own, even after having had the chance to settle in their family business. It takes a lot to make such decisions which can challenge a person in many ways and present various other obstacles in their path.

Vikash Kaser: Rocking People to His Tunes as a DJ and Music Producer

However, the world has seen some of the greatest success stories, where people have done the unusual and instead of choosing what was already on their set, they went above and beyond to carve out a special place for themselves in their chosen fields. . Vikash Kaser has done the same in the music world as a DJ and music producer and therefore today can proudly call himself a self-taught success story, who did not follow the crowd but built his success by himself as a one-man show.

Ask him what drove him into the music business, and Bilaspur’s youngster, Chhattisgarh, responds quickly by saying, “To break up the monotony of overused and cliched remix tracks and create and organize music that might help. people to naturally sway to my tunes. Also, to create a musical career as a DJ and music producer that could help me stand out from the crowd and get audiences to groove to my music. “

Vikash Kaser says it doesn’t matter how cliched it sounds like, but it’s an honest fact that he loved music ever since he remembered it, and the idea that people would someday dance to his tunes still got hold of it. increased his confidence to be part of the DJ scene. This young talent found his passion in the disc jockey and found a close link with musical creation. He is very motivated by the love he feels for music, and the fact that his music can connect with people has pushed him to do more and better his craft every day.

Vikash Kaser has dominated the game of different musical genres like Bollywood, techno, house and electronics, drawing crowds in large numbers with his spectacular stage presence and talent in each of his performances, whether in clubs or in some of the biggest festivals in the country. .

This young DJ and music producer seems unstoppable in his career and wants to create more magic with his musical curation. Follow him on Instagram @vikashkaser for more.

Article first published: Friday September 24, 2021, 12:18 PM [IST]

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