The return of the Crystal method with the new single “Act Right”

For nearly three decades, The crystal method has remained one of the most influential and respected groups in electronic music. Today, December 3rd, The Crystal Method (who is Scott Kirkland) released their latest single “Act Right” (Ultra Records) with Billy Dean Thomas and VAAAL, building on the sound that pioneered the genre. big beat, popularizing electronic music among the general public. public and establishing America as a force on the largely European and British arena.

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Self-proclaimed “Queer BIG” Billy Dean Thomas delivers a fierce performance on the “Act Right” gravel, rapping to a menacing, reverb-infused drum and synth loop created with producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist VAAAL (David Mårtensson), a frequent contributor to Kirkland. “Billy is a genius,” proclaims Kirkland, recalling that their “devilishly rhythmic” vocals were delivered in just a few hours. The spontaneous track, he adds, “was one of those magical moments.”

“Act Right” follows TCM’s latest single “House Broken” with Naz Tokio. Both singles will appear on The Crystal Method’s seventh studio album The trip release scheduled for February 2022.

About the Crystal method:

Originally formed in Las Vegas in 1993 by co-founders Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan (now retired), The Crystal Method is one of America’s most successful electronic groups. Pioneers of the big beat genre and innovators of the electronic movement of the 90s, The Crystal Method remained at the forefront of the global dance music industry for more than two decades.

The Crystal Method celebrates a career spanning more than 25 years in the music scene, which culminated in an extensive discography which includes: the platinum record Vegas (1997), the group’s debut studio album and one of the best-selling albums to the world by an American electronic artist ever; Tweek-end (2001); Legion of Boom (2004) and Divided by Night (2009), both of which received GRAMMY nominations for Best Electronic / Dance Album; and The Crystal Method (2014). The Trip Home – released in 2018 – was The Crystal Method’s sixth full album and Kirkland’s first as a new solo act. His follow-up The Trip Out will be released in February 2022.

Like The Crystal Method, Kirkland’s music and creative production also spans film and television, where his credits include: the theme song from the hit TV show Fox Bones; music for the independent film London; compose all the music for the almost human Fox TV series produced by JJ-Abrams; the soundtrack of the documentary Hired Gun: Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight from 2017; and the theme song for 3 Below, the Oscar-winning Netflix TV series Guillermo del Toro, as well as additional music writing and the final title of the Netflix movement Trollhunters – Rise of the Titans.

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