“The DJs are back, I’ve said it all… I hope the guest ceiling is also up. Who will hire for 50 people?

How long have you been working as a DJ?

For about 10 years… I have been playing music at weddings and birthdays. Personally, I love Bollywood but sometimes the guests insist on Bhojpuri music. Anyone can dance to Bollywood music, Bhojpuri music can be vulgar. It also became difficult sometimes when people insisted that we play past 10pm, the loud music deadline. Previously in most events there were a lot of people and some people got drunk too, threatened me. I had to get help from the police.

When was your last mission?

It’s been over a year. The pandemic and containment, aside from the HC order, have severely affected the business. I started repairing televisions and other gadgets for a living. My parents, my wife and my two young sons depend on my income. My father has a small farm.

Before the ban, how much would you earn?

The income was not fixed but during the wedding season we make a lot of money. I charged Rs 3,000 to 4,000 for an evening. The expenses, to hire a tempo, help to carry the equipment, amounted to approximately Rs 1,000.

Do you have new reservations?

It’s still early. Hope people start calling me soon. I started telling everyone that DJs are allowed to play again, and hopefully the message will spread. I also hope that the ceiling on the number of wedding guests will be lifted. No one wants to hire a DJ for 50 people.

Are you vaccinated?

I received the first dose last week. I hope the Covid will end. Sab pareshan ho gaye hain, sabka dhanda band ho gaya hai (It was difficult for everyone, businesses closed).

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