Talent, social networks no guarantee of success – Sitso Sitso

He’s been an underground actor for almost six years and after all of his experiences trying to break through, Highlife artist Sitso says he’s realized that to be successful in the music industry, talent and social media don’t are not enough on their own.

According to Sitso, the perception that once you are talented, you are good to go does not hold any longer.

“I used to believe that talent alone was enough; they say talent is what one should work towards having, so generally you will hear people say that this person is talented and that person is not.

“Then we were introduced to social media and people said that once you get your songs out there you’re good to go, which a lot of us did, but trust me, it is far from the truth.

“To be successful in this industry, it goes beyond talent and social media. A lot of things come into play, including working with a label. You have to get a label to work with and that will help you be successful in this industry, ”he said. Graphic show biz recently.

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Giving insight into the role a label will play in an artist’s success, Sitso said, “They’re a team, they’ll help shape you, guide you, and most importantly, they’re financially fit to travel.

“All you probably have to do is come and sing, there are times when there’s even a songwriter available for you. These things will make you the artist relax and indulge, ”he added.

However, the Enjoin singer is not happy with the attitude of some labels. “One thing I’ve also realized is that some record companies don’t define what kind of music they want to get into, so they end up signing any artist they think could help them. .

“And when they do that, they try to change the artist to whatever they want and then there’s a problem. So for example, if they want an Afrobeats number, they should look for one. , only then can the two parties have a harmonious relationship. “

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Sitso also advised artists not to burn their bridges when they end their relationship with their record companies.

“I don’t know where to start, I’ve been a victim of it many times. Whenever I show interest in working with a label, I will be turned down with the excuse that this or that artist was there and did this and that. So I want to urge people to at least make it easier for those who come after them, ”he added.

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