Spotlight on the Mix series: the BSR mix from Butter Sessions

There aren’t many Australian underground dance music brands as well established and respected as Butter Sessions. With ten years of record releases and organizing parties, the record company has built a reputation on family and community values, while advancing the sound of Australian electronica. Butter Sessions dominates one corner of the Australian dance music scene, their distinct sound philosophy has propelled them to the top of the record label pecking order, not only through their in-house releases, Sleep D, but with the network and family of artists that they’ve started working with. Most recently, they released their threesome vinyl compilation series ’10 Years Of Butter Sessions’, announced a full LP by minimal chug master Guy Contact, as well as a mind-blowing EP by techno band Polito.

Like so many labels we’ve highlighted in this series, it’s no surprise that alongside their cult sound, great label releases, and iconic Naarm parties, the team is also hosting an incredible mix series. The mix series is one of the most diverse in the country in terms of sound and identity, featuring a range of artists from around the world and the country. There is no fan of untapped electronic market or music, curating a series of taste-maker mixes that tick all the right boxes. Along with each mix, the duo host a Q&A on their throat website, all of which you can read HERE.

Recently, Moonshoe Records’ cousin Eora and fame Freda and Jackson took over the airwaves of Butter Sessions, delivering an hour of power full of heavy bass and broken rhythmic house vibes. Another highlight includes a guest mix from one and only DJ PGZ, where the emerging DJ, youth project worker and radio presenter kills him in his hour-long mix full of burners ranging from house, techno, bass, hip hop and more. You can dive into all of the mixes below and support Butter Sessions by purchasing their clothes or music catalog HERE.

Words by Parry the Tritsiniotis




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