Repurchase of consumer credit and treasury

16 Jul

Several forms of credit redemption are available for individuals. For each situation, there is a suitable solution to allow a customized solution for consumers.

Purchase of consumer credit with cash

Purchase of consumer credit with cash

It is difficult to obtain cash through a new loan when the accumulation of monthly loan payments contracted represents an excessive debt ratio in the eyes of his banker or the financial institution solicited. This can be a constraint in everyday life when it comes to releasing emergency cash to cope with an unpredictable expense arising from the vagaries of life. To achieve this, a tailor-made solution, the purchase of consumer credit with cash.

The consolidation of consumer credit is ideal for undertaking a remake of the remaining capital due revolving loans and loans depreciable without collateral, ie personal loan nature to spread the amounts due over a period of amortization leading to a decrease in the debt ratio of the borrower (s). Thanks to a single monthly charge representing less than 33% debt ratio, you also benefit from your desired cash flow in your plan for the realization of your projects .

Repurchase of real estate credit and consumption + cash

Repurchase of real estate credit and consumption + cash

Conversely, the repurchase of real estate credit and consumption + cash is limited to only one type of borrower profile, that of borrowers holding the property of at least one property. The transaction consists of repurchasing loans of various types, including both real estate and consumer credit (s) while providing for a cash envelope whose use of the funds may be various natures.

The peculiarities of this type are:

  • The guarantee on the value of real estate (mortgage)
  • A longer amortization period and a consequent decrease in monthly payments
  • Interest rates more attractive than buying unsecured credit

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