Priya Ragu shares her new single “Kamali”

Amil-Swiss singer, songwriter and producer Priya Ragu will share her debut mixtape damnsshetamil on September 3 via Warner Records – pre-record HERE. “This is the purest, most sacred work I have ever given birth to. I carried it with me for a very long time until I found a way to translate it into these songs. can’t wait for everyone to hear it, “Priya says. Her new single” Kamali “, which was created by Annie Mac of BBC Radio 1, is now available with an accompanying video – listen HERE and watch here. below.

“Kamali” is based on a short film of the same name by director Sasha Rainbow, who also directed the music video. It explores the story of Suganthi, a single mother living in a small village in India raising her daughter, Kamali.

“In many ways, I could relate to this little girl,” Priya says. “As we grow up, we look at the world with curiosity and envision endless possibilities without any limitations. For many of us, these possibilities and dreams become blurred by the way the roles of men and women are distributed. It is culturally. rooted in the old traditions where we are just good enough to become wives and mothers. It still exists! I want to talk to all the Kamalis in the world to see bigger than that, to see beyond that.

The track follows the singles “Forgot About”, “Chicken Lemon Rice” and Priya’s debut label “Good Love 2.0” as well as remixes of the track by Swedish electronic band Little Dragon, Grammy’s Joe Goddard and synth- pop nominated for the Mercury Awards. Hot Chip group and the iconic DJ Honey Dijon.

Priya’s first big collaboration is also imminent. She is featured on “Goodbye My Love,” a song from Jungle’s upcoming third album, Loving In Stereo, released on August 13. The album marks the first time the iconic British production duo have worked with guest singers, with Priya being one of two featured artists. who contributed to the file.

Priya Ragu was born and raised in Switzerland after her parents escaped the Sri Lankan civil war in the early 1980s. Although now incredibly proud and supportive of her career, Priya’s parents initially wanted more than that. she listens to western pop and wished her to marry as an adult. She hid her musical ambitions, sneaking into jam sessions and open mic parties, before deciding to pursue them fully by moving to America with the help of her friend, rapper Oddisee. Working remotely with her brother Japhna Gold, the couple created a number of tracks that would provide the launch pad where she is today.

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