Newbie DJs struggle to break through due to Covid restrictions

Many large events, shows and nightclubs where DJs usually performed have been put at risk by the reinstatement of coronavirus measures the government tightened on July 9. It includes tighter limits on festival audience size and a ban on multi-day events.

DJ Mike Willemsen, who has been on tour for two months in China, where clubs have been reopening for some time, said it was particularly difficult for performers trying to break through during the pandemic. “Over the past couple of years, there have been a lot of super talented young people making an impact in the industry. Some have taken a hit after making large investments. Under normal circumstances, they would have broken through, ”Willemsen told Trouw.

“But that didn’t happen and you can see they don’t work anymore. They are really down because of it.

Festival organizers are now increasingly taking the safety route and reserving artists who already have a large fan base. “They fall back on the familiar range that they know works; at the expense of newcomers, ”said Willemsen.

Willemsen said he did not blame the festival organizers for their decision. “Festivals canceled last year have contractual arrangements with DJs who had already booked them. They are attached to artists. Most of the compositions that you will see in the coming year are from 2020. ”

Organizers, Willemsen said, also suffer from coronavirus restrictions. “The organizers have been preparing this summer for a year and a half. I think the entire festival and restaurant industry will get another huge slap in the face, ”said Willemsen.

The strictest measures will remain in place until at least August 13, the Cabinet said. Festival group ID&T and 30 other parties sued the government for banning the festivals, claiming they were “on the verge of collapse”.

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