When Meek Mill first exposed his issues with his label in October, many fans took notice, and people like Keyshia Cole supported Meek in his efforts to fight back. He tweeted that he needed a lawyer because his label left him in the dark about payments: “I don’t get paid for music and I don’t know how much money the labels make me. I need lawyers ASAP !!! “

He went on to threaten to go public to put pressure on his label: “Ask the record company to release my recording contract by Monday just to let the world see what these people are doing !!! “”

Some fans speculated it was aimed at Maybach Music Group and Rick Ross, who Meek has signed with since he exploded in the early 2010. However, recently Rick Ross dispelled these rumors, throwing the blame on the other contract. Meek’s recording with Atlantic Records: “I’m honest, when Meek attacks someone, the only way I can assume he’s doing it at Atlantic Records. All we did was take some paper. and it’s really easy to say a *** a name … Did he sign with Maybach Music? Yes he is. But he’s also a boss and real bosses give d ‘other bosses have opportunities to become bigger bosses. “

Now, good friend and New York icon Rowdy Rebel has run into the same issues as Meek, posting on Instagram this week that he won’t be releasing music until his label pays him for the music he released in 2014 before his 7-year stint in prison: “I don’t let go of music until Epic Records pays me. I haven’t received a single check for all the music I’ve released since 2014. J ‘ve been patient but enough is enough. “

Meek got wind of Rowdy’s struggles and offered him a glimpse of how to tackle it. He just told her that mixtapes are the way to go because he can get paid outside of his studio album contract with his label: “Drop mixtapes !!!!”

Do you think this is good advice?