Local black DJ records woman in racist rant asking her to do ‘African American fishing’

A video of a California woman who got angry and started berating a black man with racist rants has gone viral.

The unidentified woman can be seen arguing with staff at the Boathouse restaurant in Hendry’s Beach, Santa Barbara, over an unpaid bill.

The woman can also be seen starting to argue with Ian Soleimani, a black man who works as a DJ, who had started filming the exchange after it became more heated.

The four-minute video was posted by Mr. Soleimani on his Instagram page on May 12, after which it went viral, garnering 20,000 views and more than 450 comments.

The argument between the waiters and the woman can be seen escalating as she begins to abuse Mr Soleimani with racist rants.

“What are you doing?” the woman can be heard asking the man in the video, to which he responds by saying “take a video of this”.

“Are you sending him to the FBI after that?” I might get psychotic soon, I’ll probably – I’ll probably get very violent very soon, I’m glad you’re here,” she said then.

“Cool, keep it up,” the man can be heard saying in the video.

“Don’t you have fish to catch, African-American man?” Won’t you go on the boat and do some African American fishing? the woman can be heard asking Mr. Soleimani, whom she also dubs “Mother Teresa for Santa Barbara.”

“Hi, one of four black men from Santa Barbara,” the woman continues in the video. “Oh, now I am a racist and terrible person. Oh, sorry, just because you’re an obnoxious guy. It’s not your fault you’re black, of course.

Mr Soleimani, speaking to the Daily Dot, said: ‘People have been kicked out of the boathouse several times for [racially] reasoned comments towards myself, unfortunately”,

“After experiencing things like this from time to time while this restaurant is open, it just doesn’t surprise me. I just learned how to handle it better,” he added.

“I have lived here since 2003 and it happens all the time. This person just got caught. People think it doesn’t exist let alone here and it certainly does.

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