Habstrakt, Matroda and Kohmi lend a hand to remix DJ Snake, “Ring The Alarm” by Malaa: Dancing Astronaut

Habstrakt, Matroda and Kohmi all took a tour in DJ Snake and Malaa’s “Ring The Alarm” collaboration. Released in July and constituting the duo’s first standalone reunion, the track arrived ahead of their collaborative tour. Now, as 2021 draws to a close, Habstrakt retains the track’s initial bounce while putting his signature style on the release, while Matroda dives deep into the single with his own twist, and Kohmi amplifies the track with his own. heavy modifications.

Fans who have been hoping to catch Malaa on the road in recent months can currently enter Dancing astronautto catch it on April 2 in New York City with the chance to win VIP tickets and behind-the-scenes access. More details are available here. Meanwhile, Kohmi was recently named one of the Dancing astronautArtists to watch in 2022. Each remix adds to the life of the original Snake and Malaa cut, filling the arsenals live for the revival of the Spring Festival circuit. Listen below.

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