GRiZ guide to the best emerging producers of electronic music –

If there is anyone who can foreshadow the immediate future of electronic music, it is GRiZ.

EDM’s de facto Funkmaster General has long been championed as a taste maker in the genre. After releasing seven albums and helping usher in the careers of countless artists over his illustrious ten-year career, GRiZ has had an overview of the dance music scene and what awaits it.

We’ve teamed up with GRiZ to spotlight seven artists he says are currently surfing the dominance of electronic music. In his own words:

Moore kismet

“I found their tracks awhile ago and was immediately impressed. Sound so fresh and a lovely human being to boot. I’m going to continue to be a star! And seriously, we know you know, but I just wanted to make sure we’re still in the ‘Yo that’s amazing, please blow them up’ phase, because it’s so deserved. “


“Brings me so much joy. I love his sound. From the more downtempo euphoric vibrations to the ethereal feeling, to the difficult times in painting, I’m all for it! “


“If you missed some great music to take a drive, to explore new places with, to get lost, I highly recommend Kilamanzego. It’s also a great vibe to groove on.”

J. Worra

“Without a doubt, she’s going to explode. I haven’t heard a song that I didn’t like about her.”


“Yo I see you! And I told you before and I just have to keep saying it, the way you put so much hard work into your craft is a crazy inspiration. Keep it up! We love it! to see him.”


“I don’t know why this is something you wouldn’t like unless house isn’t your thing, and then … well … give it a few years. It took me a some time to adjust to the sound too, so no shame in the game. But for real it’s funky as hell, with tech house undertones, great production … Believe me. The Sponges , that’s it. “


“If you don’t know by now … then you’re welcome. Trippy, drippy, bass heavy, with a stream of dope. Hope to welcome her to a GRiZ stage soon.”

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