Former Singaporean radio DJ Dee Kosh has been indicted in court over multiple sex crimes

Deecoche was then formally indicted in court for multiple sex crimes. Allegations of sexual misconduct The former Singaporean radio DJ appeared on social media a year ago.

Dee Coche – real name Darryl Ian Cothy – received seven criminal charges in court today (August 19). today Report. The fees are as follows. Three counts of communicating with minors under 18 to receive sexual services. A charge of sexual exploitation of a child or young person. To own an obscene movie. Two to make obscene films.

The timeline of Koshy’s alleged crimes runs from 2017 to 2020. In February 2017, Koshy allegedly provided a 16-year-old boy with S $ 2,000 for sexual services.

He was also accused of attempting to procure obscene acts from a 15-year-old boy between March and June 2018. He allegedly asked the boy to have sex for a private fee.

In July 2018, he allegedly offered a 17-year-old boy $ 1,000 for similar sexual activity. In August 2020, Cothy reportedly offered another 17-year-old boy the same amount for a similar act.

Koshy was found in possession of 23 obscene videos by police after his arrest. These two videos were reportedly made between 2016 and 2017.

Koshy has paid $ 20,000 bail and will return to court in September.

Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, whose lawyer represents Dee Kosh, NME..

The 32-year-old YouTube personality faced allegations of sexual misconduct from numerous young men last August. They accused Cosie of asking them to have sex when they were under 18...

Dee Kosh initially denied this claim, but later admitted that “some of what is being said is now true.” He denied trying to take care of a 15-year-old man. Write on Instagram post: “Let me state that I have never had sex with him or a minor.”

He also denied asking for paid sex in dating apps and said he had never used a talent management company “for any purpose other than working with all clients to create content and entertain.” . I did.

After the allegations came to light, police filed a report confirming that an investigation into Cossy was underway.

Kosh rose to fame for his YouTube channel launched in 2011. He became a radio DJ and started co-hosting on 987FM in 2013. He then worked as a part-time DJ at POWER 98, leaving the radio station after a complaint. later.

In Singapore, the legal age for having sex is 16, but people between the ages of 17 and 18 are also protected by law against exploitative relationships.

Under the Children and Adolescents Act, Cosie could be sentenced to a prison term of up to five years, a fine of up to S $ 10,000, or both if convicted of sexual exploitation of young people only.

Koshy can be sentenced to up to two years in prison and fined if convicted of communications aimed at receiving sexual services for minors.

Penalties for making obscene films can be up to S $ 20,000 and a fine of S $ 40,000. Penalties for possession of an obscene film are up to 6 months in prison, up to a fine of S $ 20,000, or both.

Former Singaporean radio DJ Dee Kosh has been indicted in court over multiple sex crimes

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