Find your musical escape with Christian Krauter and his unique performances of EDM and house

Elegant, symphonic and very engaging; Christian krauter invites everyone to the dance floor with his latest EDM compositions. His musical approach has a diverse and dynamic approach as he likes to be inspired by different cultures and genres. Featuring clarity and melody from a high octane musical arrangement, this DJ come music producer offers a fused flavor of Bass House, EDM, Future House, Nu-disco and many more. Being an expert in electronic music, the artist can express his philosophy and emotions through his musical performances such as, ‘dj set live 09/27/2021‘,’I never felt so good‘,’ Better then while thinking of you ‘, etc. many others. Each of the tracks is made of creativity and the pure individuality of the artist.

Christian krauter

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, the artist has made great strides with each of his invigorating singles. Like a well seasoned Queensland DJ, Christian keeps his name there in the global music industry. Surprisingly, the artist has no musical background but still managed to become one of the greatest DJs of the modern era with his immense dedication and self-taught lessons. With his passion for music, the artist started mixing and producing in 2017. Since then he has provided some of the best electronic mixes that enrich the industry with his music collection on SoundCloud. Follow him there to discover his music.

The musical arsenal of this artist is quite dynamic as the DJ dabbles among slow tempo, bass house, slap house, EDM and many other sub-genres. Each of his works like, ‘contentious sound’, ‘Do You See’, ‘a sent of downtempo’, etc. are able to captivate listeners by bringing something new. He wins at full speed in his musical journey and he turns around. To follow Christian krauter to Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram find out more.

Soundcloud is a music streaming app where you can listen to his songs:

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