Find your ideal loan with the Good Finance simulator

05 Jul

Do you want to make the trip of your dreams? Buy you a car? Completely renew your closet? Make a master? (…) It doesn’t matter what your goal is, because a loan could help you fulfill all your dreams and goals. So if you want to know what the perfect loan is for you; Today we want to help you.

The ideal loan for you with the Good Finance simulator

The ideal loan for you with the Good Finance simulator

If you want to apply for a loan and do not know where to start, in this article we will clarify all your doubts about it. Because when asking for a loan, you may think that it is best to go directly to your bank and throw yourself into the pool. But be careful, because they may not offer the best conditions.

However, given that many of our users had time with doubts about it without knowing what to do, we decided to launch a loan simulator; through which we offer our clients a loan and with the best possible conditions. For this, we consider the FinScore, that is, the health of the accounts or, what is the same, the financial capacity of the client.

With our credit simulator you will know how much money you can receive and under what conditions. We guarantee that it will be the best loan, since we take care of searching, comparing and negotiating with financial institutions; to always offer you the best possible conditions.

How to use our simulator?

How to use our simulator?

In Good Finance Loans you will find a simulator and using it is very easy:

  1. Choose the amount you want to get
  2. Choose how much you want to return each month
  3. Indicate what you are going to use it for (buy a car, undertake, travel, settle a debt, health, studies, others …)
  4. Indicate your net monthly income
  5. Indicate how much of your money goes to a mortgage, credit, etc.
  6. Indicate if you are in the ASNEF / RAI delinquent listings
  7. Indicate your employment status
  8. Sign up for Good Finance!

Once you have entered all the steps, you will only have to register with Good Finance so we can help you get your loan.

  • Currently we can get you up to € 40,000 and from 4.75% APR, all without commissions, without paperwork and online.

Through our app to control expenses you can know, at all times, the loan we offer you and under what conditions. You just have to click on the loans section. The hiring will take you 5 minutes and you will receive your money in less than a day; So all are advantages.

In addition, you can use our loan simulator whenever you want, without any commitment. And by connecting your bank accounts to the Good Finance app you will be able to know your FinScore and the amount of loan you can access; Always with the best conditions.

Your ideal loan through the app to save Good Finance

Your ideal loan through the <a href=app to save Good Finance” />

Following these steps you can get your ideal loan. All this while enjoying our app to save and all its benefits, completely free.

Remember that we only win if you win. Because by searching, comparing and negotiating with the banks the best possible loan for you, we help you pay as little as possible; so that you receive the money you want and in return you return the minimum. It is totally safe and reliable. In addition, more and more customers who trust us; So the community does not stop growing!

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