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The Carlow Arts Festival is recruiting for three positions:

  • Executive producer (full time)
  • Creative producer (part time)
  • Communication and development manager (part-time, maternity coverage)

See details below.

Executive producer (full time)
The Executive Producer holds a senior management position within the organization and will work closely with the Artistic Director /CEO support the achievement of the festival’s strategic and artistic goals and ambitions. We are looking for someone who believes in the role of transformative art, diverse perspectives and inclusion, seeks virtuoso artists to resonate, inspire and collaborate with our local community, and has strong organizational and entrepreneurial skills. You will be adept at working with and mobilizing small teams, local people, funders and other vital stakeholders.

Creative producer (part time)
The Creative Producer is a new role within the organization and is an essential member of the festival team. He / She will work in close collaboration with the Artistic Director /CEO and executive producer to support the delivery of the five key strategic properties of the Carlow Arts Festival for 2021-2023 with a focus on strengthening inclusion and participation within our festival program. The Creative Producer will be supported by the Festival Artist Liaison and Outreach Coordinator to achieve this.

Communication and development manager (part-time, maternity coverage)
Carlow Festival of the Arts (FAC) is looking for an experienced, energetic and creative Communications and Development Manager to undertake the implementation of our ambitious communications and development strategy based on part-time maternity coverage. We are looking for someone who is passionate about the arts and is a heavy consumer of it in all its forms and expressions, someone who is meticulously organized, administratively strong and has experience in the arts. The Communications and Development Officer is a key member of the FAC team. The role will include the management of institutional marketing, press and advertising, as well as the development of strategies for audience development, income generation and may bridge the dots between sector actors and funders. funds.

See full details on the three roles at the link below.

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Spotify attracts hundreds of comedians who say they’re stiff on royalties Mon, 06 Dec 2021 02:00:22 +0000

When it comes to famous jokers like John Mulaney, Tiffany Haddish, and Kevin Hart, Spotify isn’t laughing.

The world’s largest audio streaming service has pulled hundreds of comedians from its library in recent weeks, after they demanded payment for writing materials like songwriters do. This is just the latest development in a fight over how Spotify pays creators.

This joke is no longer money

“Streaming services like Spotify have been criticized for paying paltry amounts for plays on their platforms, which are often reduced to fractions of pennies and split between performers, songwriters and record labels. But, unlike music recordings, comedy albums on Spotify are not. Comedians are not considered to be works written as a song, so comedians only receive performance credit and do not receive anything for writing their material. as do musical artists.

When a Bruce Springsteen song is played it gets performance and writing royalty. When a Patron Oswalt track is played, it is only paid for the performance. Spotify has signed deals with comic labels which it said meant it was OK, but global rights agency Spoken Giants, which represents many comics that have been cut, wants the deal to change, which would force Spotify to shell out more money. But if the songwriters’ experience says anything, it’s that getting Spotify to raise royalties is a difficult task:

  • Songwriters have fought streaming services against payments that the National Music Publishers Association says are only worth a fifth of what record labels and artists are paid – but an NMPA proposal to increase the rate at 40% of what labels are paid was rejected.
  • NMPA also offered streamers – including Spotify, Apple and Amazon – to pay publishers and songwriters the greater of the four sums: 20% of revenue; 40% of what is paid to record companies; $ 1.50 per subscriber; or $ 0.0015 per stream, but streamers fought against that as well.

The hitting line: Spotify – which insists it is not focused on profitability – predicts it will have over 400 million users by the end of the year and already has 165 million premium paid subscribers . It is a huge audience to sacrifice for the actors concerned.

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Detty December: DJ Cuppy slams fan who wants her to commit a criminal offense because of her father’s influence Nigeria news Sun, 05 Dec 2021 12:20:48 +0000
  • Disc jockey and billionaire girl DJ Cuppy is disappointed not to be part of this year’s detty
  • The artist expressed his disappointment at not being able to travel to Nigeria as the country is now on the UK’s red list.
  • A fan told her she could use her father’s influence and she replied that it was a criminal offense

Popular disc jockey, DJ Cuppy had an exchange with a fan on social media after expressing his disappointment at not being able to make it to Nigeria in December.

DJ Cuppy has hinted that she will not be part of December’s detty fun, as Nigeria is now on the UK’s Red List (where she is based).

DJ Cuppy blows Detty fans up in December. Credit: @cuppymusic
Source: Instagram

One fan replied that she should be able to break protocol using the influence of her billionaire father, Femi Otedola.

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The disappointed artist hit back at fans and said it was a criminal offense:

“Awww … So because of who my dad is I should be breaking the quarantine laws? A criminal offense? LMAO.”

Check out the exchange below:


Nigerians reacted to Cuppy’s applause at the fan and most of them stood up for her. chose some of the reviews, read below:


“The sooner people let this baby be the better for them.”


“Cuppy isn’t the reason you don’t come from a wealthy household, please give him a rest!”


“Omo, people are gonna troll this lady… no she’s talking, say poor daddy na.”


“For the BUF of CUPPY D, press 1.”


“You should let this girl breathe the same oxygen you inhale as little now if she’s coughing, people are going to ask her why she’s pretending to have a cough because her dad is rich.”

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DJ Cuppy says she may have found her husband reported earlier that DJ Cuppy had opened up about her love life and it looked like she might have found the love of her life.

Cuppy who said classes at Oxford University made the announcement on social media

While some Nigerians believed her, a large number of people believe she might be referring to her beloved dogs, DuDu and FunFun.

Source: Legit

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The CGTN launches the theme song of the Winter Olympics “musical relay” Sun, 05 Dec 2021 06:24:03 +0000


CGTN’s Musical Journey kicked off an all-new special edition of the Winter Olympics on Saturday, bringing together musicians from China and abroad to produce a musical composition inspired by the Beijing 2022 theme “Together for a Shared Future.”

The four musicians from different cultural backgrounds are to compose a one-minute piece that reflects their musical tastes and understanding of winter sports and Beijing 2022 within seven days as a relay. The end result will be an exclusive Olympic-themed melody for CGTN.

Asr: keyboardist

Born in 1990, Asr is a Mongolian from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China. He plays the Matouqin, also known as the morin khuur or horse-head violin, a traditional Mongolian bowed string instrument.

Mico: drummer

This electronic music producer, drummer, DJ and traveler has performed in 35 countries and regions. The talented artist leads the JungleMico Project group and has been on the front page of the American music blog Electro Wow.

Doctor Victor: DJ

Dr Victor is a full-time physician in Iceland, but also performs as a professional musician and DJ. He played music at vaccination sites during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Iceland to allay people’s fears.

Carlo Facchini: Composer

The master of Italian music, Carlo Facchini, led a popular rock’n’roll group when he was young. He is now eager to add final touches of classical and romantic Italian music to the CGTN Winter Olympics theme song.

Please stay tuned to CGTN to find out how the musicians overcome cross-cultural challenges and barriers over the coming weeks as they show off their passion, fun and hard work in creating musical themes for a special occasion. .

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Spotify withdraws top comedians’ albums amid copyright dispute Sat, 04 Dec 2021 18:02:03 +0000

If you’ve been wondering where your favorite comedy album went on Spotify, you are far from alone. The Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify pulled hundreds of comedian albums after that, and rights administration company Spoken Giants blocked a written royalties deal. The missing albums are from stars like Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and John Mulaney.

As with previous disputes between songwriters, this last fight is about making up for more than performance. Spoken Giants want their performers to receive royalties as joke-makers, not just for the time they spend behind the microphone. The rights company began talking to online services in the spring, but learned just before Thanksgiving that Spotify would be pulling back comedians’ work until there was a deal.

Spotify defended itself in a statement to Newspaper. The company said it paid a “significant” sum of money for comedy material and that it “would love” to continue paying, and that distributors and labels also have a say in the payments. There is material from these comedians left on Spotify as of this writing, but much of it is available through competitors like Apple Music.

It’s no surprise that Spotify bumps into Spoken Giants. If Spotify were to pay writing royalties as well, the service would either have to pay more globally (a clearly ideal Spoken Giants result) or reserve part of the existing share for distributors and labels. Either one could hurt Spotify’s bottom line, and it doesn’t have much leeway as its average income per person was around $ 4.91 last quarter.

At the same time, however, the dispute and referral come at a particularly sensitive time. With a live stand-up still far from what it was before the pandemic, some actors are still very dependent on albums and other digital releases. They are clearly keen on improving that income and may experience additional pain when they lose heavyweight support from streaming.

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How music producer SpaceNTime carved out a niche in the industry Sat, 04 Dec 2021 17:50:11 +0000

No one took Varun Sharma seriously when he declared his intention to enter the music industry. Even those close to him thought it was a passing phase because, after all, he was not from a musical family. However, Varun was determined to prove theveryone is wrong. Despite the ridicule, he worked hard and silenced his critics once and for all.

Today, Varun Sharma, better known by his stage name SpaceNTime, is a hip-hop music producer based in Los Angeles, California. SpaceNTime is popular in the industry for its originality, which is showcased in the original tracks.

As a composer, SpaceNTime takes pride in his original compositions and melodies. You might think that his trip to So the industry has been easy, but it is not.

SpaceNTime had to learn a few things that kept it going. By the time he was in grade 12, he was making original beats despite the lack of a support system.

Even if he does not have having a decent place to train, he did 6 pieces a day for two years until he got his own place. This is how he developed his versatility, which he appreciates today as a producer.

When SpaceNTime turned 18, he started looking for ways to transform his passion into something profitable, but it didn’t happen overnight. He gained recognition after collaborating with Pacman Da Gunman of the All Money Records label.

Pacman and SpaceNTime started working together in 2015 and have completed various projects ovuh the last six years. SpaceNTime has also worked with other notable artists like Dom Kennedy, Wale, Icewear Vezzo, Mozzy, The Game, OT Genasis, and Yhung TO.

Over the years, he also thought about giving up music to try something else that wouldn’t be. also hard. However, music is his passion and he has learned to be innovative and is always on the lookout for a new sound to stay ahead of his game.

SpaceNTime’s biggest influences are Dr. Dre and DJ Quik. He learned to creatively integrate the influencethese sci-fi and horror genres to create a sound that resonates with a wider audience.

Creating soulful lyrics paired with a groovy beat the listener can enjoy is one of SpaceNTime’s greatest joys. He expresses his honesty feelings through every song he works on, and that’s something very few can do.

To aspiring artists, SpaceNTime says hard work isn’t a choice if they want to shine in the industry. “Keep focusing on your career and the results will pay off.” Iin the future, he hopes to become a source of inspiration for creative artists who want to do something big and innovative.

Right now he’s working on a few upcoming projects waiting to be released. He worked with two big names in the industryry and the works are in the final stages of production.

He’s also working on his streaming site, which will be the first of its kind. This will be the first service to offer unique rhythms from a subscription producer.

Posted on December 4, 2021

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“My Favorite Christmas Tune”: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Lifetime Movie Sat, 04 Dec 2021 06:52:00 +0000

Lifetime takes it up a notch with new Christmas movies to welcome the holiday season. Lifetime is renowned for producing some of the best Christmas movies. It is estimated that Lifetime will release 30 new Christmas movies this year alone, with lineup starting in October. Additionally, Lifetime is set to launch its first LGBTQ + Christmas movie in 2020, marking another milestone in the channel’s holiday movie lineup.

The Christmas special follows the story of singer-songwriter Abby (played by Mya) who finds herself writing uninspired jingles for commercials. Just when it’s time for her to return home for the holidays, she is enlisted by the local high school teacher to help save the school’s arts program. Here is more about the film


“Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas”: 5 Things To Know About The Lifelong Love Movie

“Merry Liddle Christmas Baby”: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Rowland

When is ‘My Favorite Christmas Melody’ released & where can you watch it?

‘My Favorite Christmas Melody’ is released on December 5, 2021 and can be watched on Lifetime.

What is ‘My Favorite Christmas Melody’

The official synopsis reads: “Follow Abby, a promising singer-songwriter, as she rediscovers her voice and pursues her dreams, and also lets in the possibility of love.”

Who stars in the movie Lifetime

Mya as Abby

Mya Harrison is an American pop singer, artist, philanthropist, and actress. She is gifted with music and often sets up record companies. At the age of 16, she recorded her very first solo album, which was finally released on Interscope Records in April 1998. Her album sold approximately 1 million copies in the United States.

Mya recorded a new version of ‘Lady Marmalade’ with Pink, Christina Aguilera and Lil ‘Kim for Moulin Rouge !, the soundtrack, in 2001. She made an appearance in the video’ Ghetto Superstar ‘from the movie’ Bulworth ‘. Warren Beatty, in 1998.

The rest of the cast includes Rainbow Sun Francks, Brielle Robillard as Lila, Sonia Dhillon Tully as Brenda, Christine L Nguyen as Whitney, Carson Reaume as Ethan, Niki Kerro as Casey, and Chris Tarpos as a School Assembly attendee.


The film’s writers are Josh Brekhus and Lauren Balson Carter, the director being Michael Kennedy.


We haven’t seen a trailer for this movie yet, but stay tuned for more updates!

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Mary J. Blige calls on HER, DJ Khaled for two new songs Sat, 04 Dec 2021 01:18:37 +0000

Mary J. Blige the season is imminent. Fans love to watch her develop her acting skills in Starz season two Power Book II: Ghost, and the queen of soul hip-hop has also released new music.

On Thursday, Blige, 50, released two brand new singles, “Good Morning Gorgeous” and “Amazing,” featuring DJ Khaled. The two new tracks arrive as the nine-time Grammy-winner draws closer to the release of her next studio album, due in early 2022, according to fork.

Blige is known for her empowerment hymns for women, and “Good Morning Gorgeous” finds her singing about love and acceptance for who she is after struggling with self-doubt.

Ghost season 2 premiere
Mary J. Blige at the Ghost Season 2 premiere on November 17, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for STARZ)

“Second, it doesn’t help me / I’m so tired of feeling empty / drying my eyes it’s time to fight,” Blige sings. The song was accompanied by a music video, directed by Eif Rivera, with Blige in a sexy swimsuit and black lingerie.

She co-wrote the blues and slow tempo affirmation with ELLE, Lucky Daye, Tiara Thomas and D’Mile. HER and D’Mile, who both won Oscars this year for the song “Fight For You,” also produced the track. D’Mile is also a co-producer of An evening with Silk Sonic.

The second single, “Amazing”, is a hip hop inspired track produced by Khaled, with Street runner and Azzouz, who wrote the song with Denisia Andrews, Brittany Coney, Willie Cobbs and Ellas McDaniels.

Although “Amazing” has a different sonic feel to “Good Morning Gorgeous,” the lyrical feeling remains the same, with Blige on the other side accepting and celebrating life.

“Every day, like my birthday, bring the cake,” Blige sings on the hook. “I feel good, I feel good, man, I feel amazing.”

Blige’s new happiness comes after her latest album, 2017 The strength of a woman, dealt with the pain and turmoil of grief and divorce. His divorce from the musical director Kendu Isaacs was finalized in 2018.

Blige appeared on The Tamron Hall show earlier this week to discuss the thematic shift on her upcoming album and in her life.

“Wait till you hear it, it’s gonna blow everyone’s mind,” Blige told Hall. “And that’s because it’s something that I had to do, and something that I had to say when I was in my darkest times of this life, to build myself that person that I can see and accept my nose, accept my eyes, accept my cheeks, accept all the things i hated.

Mary J. Blige performs at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on August 16, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Blige made music from those dark times, with songs like “Not Gon ‘Cry”, “Take Me As I Am”, “Thick of It” and “No More Drama”. Last June, she released the documentary, My Life by Mary J. Blige, about her 1994 second triple platinum album which resonated with other women going through heartbreak, betrayal and self-loathing.

The direction of the new album seems to reflect more of his exuberant hits like “Family Affair” and “Just Fine”.

“Working on this new album has been so much fun,” Blige said in a press release. “I’m delighted that my fans are hearing these first two songs to give them a taste of what to expect. I am grateful to all my collaborators and partners who have accompanied me throughout this process and even more to my fans who I hope will have fun with this new music.

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]]> The return of the Crystal method with the new single “Act Right” Fri, 03 Dec 2021 17:21:21 +0000

For nearly three decades, The crystal method has remained one of the most influential and respected groups in electronic music. Today, December 3rd, The Crystal Method (who is Scott Kirkland) released their latest single “Act Right” (Ultra Records) with Billy Dean Thomas and VAAAL, building on the sound that pioneered the genre. big beat, popularizing electronic music among the general public. public and establishing America as a force on the largely European and British arena.

Listen now here:

Self-proclaimed “Queer BIG” Billy Dean Thomas delivers a fierce performance on the “Act Right” gravel, rapping to a menacing, reverb-infused drum and synth loop created with producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist VAAAL (David Mårtensson), a frequent contributor to Kirkland. “Billy is a genius,” proclaims Kirkland, recalling that their “devilishly rhythmic” vocals were delivered in just a few hours. The spontaneous track, he adds, “was one of those magical moments.”

“Act Right” follows TCM’s latest single “House Broken” with Naz Tokio. Both singles will appear on The Crystal Method’s seventh studio album The trip release scheduled for February 2022.

About the Crystal method:

Originally formed in Las Vegas in 1993 by co-founders Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan (now retired), The Crystal Method is one of America’s most successful electronic groups. Pioneers of the big beat genre and innovators of the electronic movement of the 90s, The Crystal Method remained at the forefront of the global dance music industry for more than two decades.

The Crystal Method celebrates a career spanning more than 25 years in the music scene, which culminated in an extensive discography which includes: the platinum record Vegas (1997), the group’s debut studio album and one of the best-selling albums to the world by an American electronic artist ever; Tweek-end (2001); Legion of Boom (2004) and Divided by Night (2009), both of which received GRAMMY nominations for Best Electronic / Dance Album; and The Crystal Method (2014). The Trip Home – released in 2018 – was The Crystal Method’s sixth full album and Kirkland’s first as a new solo act. His follow-up The Trip Out will be released in February 2022.

Like The Crystal Method, Kirkland’s music and creative production also spans film and television, where his credits include: the theme song from the hit TV show Fox Bones; music for the independent film London; compose all the music for the almost human Fox TV series produced by JJ-Abrams; the soundtrack of the documentary Hired Gun: Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight from 2017; and the theme song for 3 Below, the Oscar-winning Netflix TV series Guillermo del Toro, as well as additional music writing and the final title of the Netflix movement Trollhunters – Rise of the Titans.

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How streaming killed the Christmas charts Fri, 03 Dec 2021 12:07:42 +0000

THE BATTLES To top the charts on Christmas Day has been won in recent years by Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. But in recent times, these singers have faced competition from an unexpected source: the 20th century. Despite the best efforts of today’s young stars, the December charts have become dominated by musicians who are well into middle age, or dead.

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On Christmas Day, five years ago, each of the top ten Billboard Hot 100, a ranking of America’s most popular songs, was a new release. In 2017, Mariah Carey rose to ninth place with her massive 23-year-old hit, “All I Want for Christmas is You”. Since then, the elders have continued to progress (see graph). As of last Christmas, half of the top ten American songs were over half a century old. Indeed, Ms. Carey, then 51, was one of the youngest performers: two of her chart-topping colleagues were receiving pensions; three had joined the celestial choir.

The old tubes have been revived by new technologies. billboards rankings were based primarily on record sales, as well as the number of radio plays. But since 2015, its evolutionary formula has tended to favor the number of listenings on streaming services like Spotify. The result is that records like “Jingle Bell Rock” (1957) by American country singer Bobby Helms, which no longer generate much sales in physical format but still air on repeat in December, were catapulted up the charts.

The Christmas card phenomenon illustrates why investors are reassessing musician catalogs. Streamers pay rights holders a small fee for each song played, so old favorites whose physical sales had long since declined have returned to steady income. Attractive artists all year round have benefited from their newly sought after works. Last year, Bob Dylan sold his collection to Universal Music Group, the world’s largest record company, for a sum that reportedly exceeded $ 300 million. November 30 BMG, another music company, said it bought Mötley Crüe’s heavy metal collection.

Streaming may mean a new paycheck for ever-popular artists, but it is sapping some of the excitement of the Christmas charts. Ms Carey, who claimed second place in billboards Ranking last year and first place the year before, has already started its festive assault on this year’s charts: at the time of writing, it had reached number 12, and rising. Christmas is perhaps “the most wonderful time of the year” (the seventh hit of the last year), but it is also becoming the most predictable musically.

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