Down syndrome doesn’t stop Valley DJ from soaring to stardom

Michael Papazian doesn’t defy the odds so much as the story about people born with Down syndrome changes.

“Music is my passion, I love to make people dance,” Papazian said.

His professional name is DJ MPower. He is a man of few words but who likes to let his music and his abilities speak for him.

“I played at clubs in Tempe and Old Town,” Papazian said.

Michael’s father and biggest fan Bill Papazian claims the 22-year-old has been a lifelong music lover.

He made the decision just in Grade 7 to pursue his dream of becoming a DJ and took his first DJ course at Scottsdale Community College when he was just 13 years old.

His teachers immediately noticed his natural talent.

“DJ Transit, who was teaching this course, said you know Michael seems to have some ability,” said Bill Papazian.

Private lessons soon followed. From now on, his talents are fully displayed in the clubs and competitions of the Valley. A recent original track suddenly climbing the Mix Cloud Global House Music charts, peaking at 37.

Michael says it doesn’t come without hard work, so he trains two to three hours a day.

Her inspiring accomplishments have led to heartfelt messages from all over the world.

“They say things like thank you so much for showing me what my child’s life could be like someday,” Bill said.

For DJ MPower, he hopes his passion will continue to live up to his name, changing the mindsets and expectations of those like him. No longer aiming for the stars but creating your own universe.

“I think he’s part of a whole new generation of people with Down’s syndrome who have stood out and are using this time productively to show people that like Michael’s motto is, there is no limits, and there are no caps, ”Bill said.

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