DJ Seinfeld unveils his second album “Mirrors”

DJ Seinfeld offers emotional reflection through the glass of Mirrors – his second album filled with targeted soundscapes.

Armand Jakobsson, also known as DJ Seinfeld, emerged from the lo-fi scene in 2016, catching the attention of fans and trend-setters looking for the sound of the genre. To this day, it still opens the hearts of listeners who are ready to be vulnerable and witness a portal in its process. He has found a way to create tangible feelings through his music, and now invites listeners to peer deeper into themselves, to see the world around them more clearly with his brand new album. Mirrors.

Each piece in this 10-track offering soothes the mind through nostalgic soundscapes. DJ Seinfeld draws on his experience of an unfortunate family incident that has caused him to spend more time at home over the past year to focus his sound on new beginnings. While this album has a sense of establishment, it guides listeners through the change of life and our own personal reflections in our mirror.

Beginning the personal expedition, DJ Seinfeld introduces the one-sided conversation of looking in the mirror with “She loves Me”While hypnotic notes bounce to create a meditative rhythm. Then the hi-hat shuffles on “Walk with your smile”Wear the perfect tune to greet a new day with gratitude. As glimmers of joy appear throughout the day, “You already know“Offers wonderful rhythms that happiness can feel at”The right place. ”

by Teira a fresh and airy voice invites listeners to close their eyes for a divine “Home call, anchor peace in the heart of the soul. The mood continues with “These things come to be”Where swirling basslines spark electrifying butterflies in the carefully placed phone call dialogue that is a hallmark of the track. Then the listener can take a moment to enjoy “Tell me one more time”, While vocal echoes and complex loops deflect all worries.

As DJ Seinfeld guides everyone to the dream of a new “One day”, The sounds invite a deep escape thanks to the motivation to make aspirations a reality by transcending the keys of the piano. Watching the day fade away, “I feel better”Creates a safe space to relax with stylized piano notes, strings and synths leading up to the outro. Ultimately, “Song for the lonely”Cures all self-doubt by uplifting the senses through the constant brewing of Charleston. The groove arouses an irresistible sense of purpose by being more present with each beat of the album.

Overall, the album is a phenomenal journey through oneself while still leaving room for newness in life! to listen Mirrors on Spotify or your favorite platform, stay tuned for more from DJ Seinfeld and let us know which reflective tune uplifts you the most in the comments.

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DJ Seinfeld – Mirrors – List of tracks:

  1. She loves Me
  2. Walk with your smile
  3. You already know
  4. The Good Place (feat. Teira)
  5. Home call
  6. These things will come to be
  7. Tell me one more time
  8. One day
  9. I feel better
  10. Song for the lonely
DJ Seinfeld Mirrors Album Art

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