DJ Moore’s worrying career TD rate, Josh Allen’s hasty ineffectiveness, and more stat nuggets – the athletic

Here is some interesting statistical information that may or may not be relevant to fantasy football 2021.

Mike Evans is the No. 1 wide receiver in NFL history with seven thousand consecutive seasons to start a career

Evans is a born alpha. But his ADP is deflated because Tom Brady doesn’t really want a dominant receiver but rather a bunch of reliable options he can alternately channel targets to, dictated by covers and matches. In 16 games last season, Evans averaged just 6.8 targets per game, up from 9.3 in his career previously. Still, Brady gave Evans 13 seemingly unbearable TDs, one in every 8.4 targets; that’s more than double his previous career rate. This makes Evans one of the toughest calls in fantasy football, especially if you expect Antonio Brown to play all year round. But in the playoffs, Brown averaged just four targets per game. I’m in the process of writing Evans but I’m not happy about it.

DJ Moore received a touchdown every 316 yards during his career against an NFL WR 160 average

What do we do with a receiver who has proven to be reliable in scoring touchdowns in the NFL for three seasons. His best year is a touchdown every 293.8 yards receiving. So it’s not a model that varies much either. What about college? Then he scored a touchdown every 120 yards, but that’s college. He should kill college CBs.

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