DJ Khaled confuses the Xbox Series S with a speaker

A clip from DJ Khaled’s Instagram story is starting to go viral, as it shows the celebrity mistaking an Xbox Series S console for a speaker.

Sometimes memes spell out on their own, as with a hilarious video of DJ Khaled receiving a framed promotion Xbox s series. Khaled, either unfamiliar with next-gen Xbox consoles or just the DJ Khaled the public knows and loves, points to the Xbox Series S and asks, “What is a speakerphone?” ? The short video clip, which DJ Khaled shared via his Instagram story, is still making the rounds on social networks.

The promotional box that DJ Khaled received is actually quite interesting. In his Instagram story, DJ Khaled thanks LeBron James and Xbox for the gift, which provides some context for the box. It is a personalized box which includes a variety of Space Jam: a new legacy-themed stuff, like an Xbox Series X / S Wireless Controller, a pair of sneakers, a Bugs Bunny trading card, and the Xbox Series S itself.

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DJ Khaled seems very grateful for the gift, worthy of the friendly personality he is well known for. He seems especially grateful for the sneakers, which he says he’s going to place in his sneaker room. As his Xbox Series S console review shows, he doesn’t seem particularly interested in anything else in the box. He seems to like the general idea of ​​a Space Jam: a new legacy– themed promotional box, at the very least. In fact, according to his Instagram, he went ahead and watched Space Jam: a new legacy with her family.

This DJ Khaled shared the short video on his Instagram, but confirmed he was into the joke, at least to some extent. There has always been the question of whether DJ Khaled was aware of the memes he was a part of. He is an often ridiculous character, but his success cannot be denied. Calling the Xbox Series S a speakerphone instead of a console and then sharing it online certainly involves an effort to sound silly.

To DJ Khaled’s credit, the Xbox Series S looks like a stereo. Someone who has never seen an Xbox Series S before could very easily mistake the console for this. It’s a bit of a sillier guess when it comes to an Xbox promotional box that includes other Xbox hardware, however.

What makes it even more fun is that Xbox would likely appreciate DJ Khaled calling his Xbox Series S console a speakerphone. After all, this is the same company that is releasing an official Xbox Series X-based refrigerator. DJ Khaled the video is getting a bit more viral, maybe a speaker could be in the works.

the Xbox s series is currently available.

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