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“It seems like it’s an isolation rule for DJs, another for everyone,” said ACT chief David Seymour.

“Several artists who were DJ Dimension contacts came out to perform after seven days of isolation, although MIQ was 10 days for newcomers and Close Contacts had to self-isolate for 10 days as well.

DJ Skream announced on social media that he will be out playing Gold Rush on January 3 despite being close contact with “someone who hasn’t waited for their test”.

“DJ Sin has announced a seven day isolation and is also due at Gold Rush today.

“DJ Wilkinson and Lee Mvtthews are also expected at Gold Rush and are said to have been with Dimension.

“Without a doubt, these people all followed the rules meticulously and did whatever was asked of them, as some of them have said. The question is for the government, why is isolation 10 days for everyone?

“Meanwhile, the other people I spoke to who were at the club remain isolated. “To go out today, the seven days should go from 3 a.m. on December 26 to 3 a.m. on January 3, others claim they don’t get such good reading of the rules.

“The COVID-19 website states that close contacts are people who” may live, work, or have been in a place of interest at the same time as someone with COVID-19. ” For example, household members, air travelers, or if you are sitting next to someone at work who has COVID-19.

“It’s not a bad thing that the rules are relaxed and artists can play Gold Rush, I’m sure a lot of people will be happy. The problem is the unclear standards. The MIQ stays in place for another six weeks, people have to self-isolate for ten days if they can get a place.

“It’s a shame our prime minister wasn’t more into nursing and less into DJing, maybe then we would see more critical care nurses in New Zealand?” Either way, there should be a clear policy for everyone, if these close contacts don’t have to isolate themselves for ten days, then no one should have to. “

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