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Georges gstar

Georges gstar

Georges gstar

Georges gstar

Georges gstar

Entrepreneur and rapper George Gstar AKA GSTAR4x has announced the upcoming release of Dark World, a fierce and haunting hip-hop EP.

This EP is not just a side project for me. I am as passionate about music as I am about business. I have fought for all that I have achieved and I am ready to do the same to be successful in music!

– George Gstar

NEW YORK, NY, United States, October 8, 2021 / – Businessman, investor and rapper George Gstar aka GSTAR4x is getting ready to release his new EP titled Dark World. The EP is a fascinating mix of hypnotic rhythms, intense rhymes and haunting melodies. Although GStar has been involved in other investments for years, it has now set its sights on the music industry. He’s been writing, recording and mixing songs for the EP for a year.

GSTAR4x has built a number of very successful businesses over the years and a real estate portfolio that is now worth millions of dollars. He has also been involved in songwriting and fashion design. His passion for music is what motivated him to become a rap artist.

“My music has been shaped by all the artists I have listened to over the years. From rappers like XXXTentacion to rock legends like Kurt Cobain and Smashing Pumpkins all inspired me to make my own sound and leave my own mark in the music industry.

Although this entrepreneur has amassed a multi-million dollar wealth portfolio, he is ready to take the music world by storm. After becoming a self-made multimillionaire in his twenties, George Gstar is well acquainted with the business world. But music is a whole new world. In addition to the EP release, there will also be a music video to accompany Dark World. This project has taken the first place in his life now.

After a difficult childhood full of violence and hardship, Gstar achieved its business success through strategic and calculated investments in sectors such as real estate. He carries that same vision and tenacity in the music industry. He noticed :

“This EP is not just a side project for me. I am as passionate about music as I am about entrepreneurship. I have fought for everything that I have accomplished in the business world, and I am ready to do the same to be successful in the music industry.

His love for entrepreneurship led him to explore other business ideas such as logistics, but he says music has always been high on his list. He has many favorites that have influenced his music such as Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix.

Although Gstar has unlocked the secret of effective negotiations, which have allowed him to pocket millions of dollars in profit in the real estate world, he continues to plan for a future where music is more a part of his career and his life. life.

About George Gstar:
George Gstar is a successful internet celebrity and entrepreneur turned rapper who is said to have achieved a net worth of over $ 180 million before the age of 25. He was approached by record companies for an album deal before releasing music.

Gstar owns and operates several businesses around the world, including engine recycling companies with operations in Russia and the United States. He owns websites that generate over $ 45 million in profit per year, a freight and logistics business, and an anxious patient treatment that uses hemp oil blends. Recently he announced his entry into the music industry with a new EP called Dark World.

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Sire Records Vet Launches Santa Barbara Records To Focus On The Local Scene Thu, 07 Oct 2021 08:20:00 +0000

Santa Barbara files: local accent.

Music industry veteran BILLY O’CONNELL formed SANTA BARBARA RECORDS, an independent record label showcasing three main components to its platform for change: including fair music practices that put the artist at the forefront, at the service of the creative economy to SANTA BARBARA and the export of a “CALIFORNIA style AMERICANA sound.”

O’CONNELL said: “If someone told me they were opening a new label in 2021, my first question would probably be, ‘Why! The answer in this case is that it allows us to directly affect the lives of artists and gives us the opportunity to interact with other players in the local creative economy – graphic designers, web developers, printers, studios. recording, rehearsal facilities, videographers, photographers. , places, etc. – in a practical and productive way. We are determined to positively impact the creative economy in the SANTA BARBARA region and if you ask me, the best way to understand and overcome potential obstacles is to have ‘skin in the game’.

On OCTOBER 21, the label will release their debut compilation album, “CaliAmericana”, featuring two songs from each of their eight signed artists – an original and a CALIFORNIA-themed cover. The album will be available on CD, LP and all digital resellers. A limited edition 6 “x 9” art book containing archival quality photos of the greater SANTA BARBARA region, lyrics, artist specifications and a CD copy of the compilation, as well as personalized merchandise , will also be offered on

The original inspiration for the label came from conversations musician ERLAND WANBERG had with locals JOHN LUCCHETTI, musician MARKO SRDANOV and investor DAVIS FANSLER after watching the documentary “Muscle Shoals. “

Addition of WANBERG, “So much amazing music has come out of such a small area. We saw parallels – Santa Barbara is also a small, tight-knit community filled with incredible talent. This place has produced major artists as varied as JACK JOHNSON, KATY PERRY, TOAD THE WET SPROCKET and DISHWALLA; It has world-class rooms, dedicated patrons and extremely experienced industry professionals.

Originally from the region, TARIQH AKONI, the label’s A&R director has worked with LEANNE RIMES, KENNY LOGGINS, DAVID FOSTER, BEETE MIDLER, JOSH GROBAN and CHRISTINA AGUILERA. “Our artists represent the diverse influences and inclusive ideals of AMERICANA music while speaking from an authentic and original perspective. The music we play is rooted in this ephemeral magic that is at the center of CALIFORNIA, AMERICA through the lens of SANTA BARBARA, ”he says of the label’s creative philosophy.

GM O’CONNELL arrives at the label with an equally impressive CV. As a label manager at SIRE RECORDS, he has been active in the careers of bands such as THE RAMONES, LOU REED, ICE-T and TALKING HEADS. After leaving the label, he directed THROWING MUSES, KRISTEN HIRSH, PIXIES, BARKMARET, L7 and ALAN PARSONS. Since 2009 he has been a full-time professor at LOYOLA UNIVERSITY NEW ORLEANS SCHOOL OF MUSIC, where he teaches management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

“Simply put, we are offering agreements that we would sign ourselves,” says O’CONNELL. “These are short-term deals with net income. We take care of all the costs associated with making, marketing and promoting the record, with specific marketing expenses, release commitments and priorities, and then share the net with our artists. It’s a unique opportunity to form a label that behaves the way we always thought labels should.

“We create workshops for the artists of our label, as well as for the artists of the community”, explains LUCCHETTI. “We are dedicated to educating artists on how they could gain traction and strategically create their own ‘artist businesses’ so that they can control their own careers and fate.

For more information, visit

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Dave Grohl Says Nirvana Could Change “Nevermind” Album Cover After All Wed, 06 Oct 2021 18:49:18 +0000

Photo credit: Lindsay / CC by 2.0

Dave Grohl says Nirvana could change his controversy no matter album cover in the future.

Universal Music Group has prepared a 30th anniversary edition of the album – with the original artwork. But Spencer Elden, the baby on the cover, has filed a lawsuit against the band’s estate, alleging that the album’s distribution amounts to “commercial child pornography.”

“Neither Spencer nor his legal guardians have ever signed a release authorizing the use of images of Spencer or his portrait, and certainly no commercial child pornography depicting him,” reads the lawsuit obtained by Digital Music News .

No changes are planned for the 30th anniversary reissue coming on November 12th. But future versions are on the table.

Dave Grohl stated that future versions of no matter may have different album art.

“I have a lot of ideas on how we should change this coverage, but we’ll see what happens,” Grohl told The Sunday Times. “We’ll let you know. I’m sure we’ll find something good. Grohl seems to be tired of being in the legal sights of the album cover.

“At some point, unfortunately, it just becomes normal,” Grohl adds. “I think there is a lot more to hope for and a lot more to experience than getting bogged down in this stuff. And, luckily, I don’t have to do the paperwork.

30th anniversary no matter the album cover may be the last to feature the naked baby. The no matter the special edition includes a total of 94 audio and video tracks, including 70 unreleased tracks. A super deluxe 5 CD version of the album includes:

  • The remastered album.
  • Live Nirvana Concerts.
  • A Blu-Ray from a live broadcast from Amsterdam.
  • A 40-page hardcover book filled with never-before-seen photos.

A $ 260 variation comes with a seven inch vinyl, the book and 8 LPs of 180 grams from the remastered album. However, this more expensive version of the album won’t be available to fans until May 27, 2022.

The child pornography lawsuit names not only Nirvana, but also the photographer, the album’s artistic director, Geffen Records, Nirvana LLC and the estate of Kurt Cobain. Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and several other record companies are named.

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Spotlight on the Mix series: the BSR mix from Butter Sessions Wed, 06 Oct 2021 04:26:03 +0000

There aren’t many Australian underground dance music brands as well established and respected as Butter Sessions. With ten years of record releases and organizing parties, the record company has built a reputation on family and community values, while advancing the sound of Australian electronica. Butter Sessions dominates one corner of the Australian dance music scene, their distinct sound philosophy has propelled them to the top of the record label pecking order, not only through their in-house releases, Sleep D, but with the network and family of artists that they’ve started working with. Most recently, they released their threesome vinyl compilation series ’10 Years Of Butter Sessions’, announced a full LP by minimal chug master Guy Contact, as well as a mind-blowing EP by techno band Polito.

Like so many labels we’ve highlighted in this series, it’s no surprise that alongside their cult sound, great label releases, and iconic Naarm parties, the team is also hosting an incredible mix series. The mix series is one of the most diverse in the country in terms of sound and identity, featuring a range of artists from around the world and the country. There is no fan of untapped electronic market or music, curating a series of taste-maker mixes that tick all the right boxes. Along with each mix, the duo host a Q&A on their throat website, all of which you can read HERE.

Recently, Moonshoe Records’ cousin Eora and fame Freda and Jackson took over the airwaves of Butter Sessions, delivering an hour of power full of heavy bass and broken rhythmic house vibes. Another highlight includes a guest mix from one and only DJ PGZ, where the emerging DJ, youth project worker and radio presenter kills him in his hour-long mix full of burners ranging from house, techno, bass, hip hop and more. You can dive into all of the mixes below and support Butter Sessions by purchasing their clothes or music catalog HERE.

Words by Parry the Tritsiniotis




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Maximillian Kolb to lead Continental Europe for BMG Tue, 05 Oct 2021 13:54:31 +0000

Kolb joined BMG from Sony in 2012 as Director A&R and was promoted to Director of Recorded Music by A&R for GSA five years later. In 2019, he and Kulling were elevated to their now previous roles at the same time.

At BMG, Kolb has signed recording and / or editing clients such as Kontra K, Max Giesinger, Cypress Hill, Lina, KitschKrieg and Trettmann. The company’s record list in continental Europe also includes Lenny Kravitz, Marianna Faithfull, No Angels and Paul Conte, among others, and publisher clients include Scorpions, Afrojack and BigFlo.

“During this most exciting time, Maximilian and his team not only brought great artists and writers to BMG, but he also managed to explore new ideas and new areas of activity in Germany and combine them with our global strategy, ”Kulling said. “We believe in the great value of local artists and writers in the European market. With his entrepreneurial spirit and repertoire expertise, Maximilian has everything it takes to continue to develop and implement innovative and relevant strategies. internationally with the team in Continental Europe. “

Kolb added: “There’s no better time to take on this new role. Streaming is opening up the local repertoire market across continental Europe, not only driving national successes, but also creating new cross-border opportunities. We want to be a home for all kinds of music across Europe. “

In its latest financial report, BMG revealed that streaming now accounts for 65% of recordings revenue, while vinyl has overtaken CDs to become its main physical format by value, accounting for 54% of physical revenue. In the first half of 2021, the Bertelsmann-owned company saw a 5.2% increase in revenue to 296 million euros ($ 350 million) – largely thanks to a 30% increase in music revenue recorded which compensated for a stable performance of its publishing activity.

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With Biden’s agenda hanging in the balance, lobbying shifts into high gear Mon, 04 Oct 2021 19:28:58 +0000

WASHINGTON – As centrist Congressional Democrats scrambled to block or remove key provisions of President Biden’s social safety net and $ 3.5 trillion climate plan, a slew of online ads have appeared in their states and districts, lavishing praise upon them.

One of them describes Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who has become one of the main refractors of the measure, as an “independent voice” and a “bipartisan leader”. Another said Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader is pushing for the “Biden-Schrader” agenda, although he clearly opposes key elements of the president’s agenda. A third praises Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York for “fighting for our health care and our economy,” even as she undermines elements of Mr. Biden’s plan.

There’s one thing the ads don’t say so clearly: They are paid for by pharmaceutical industry-funded groups and business interests who are pushing to kill or reshape crucial elements of the president’s plan.

As Democrats strive to keep Mr. Biden’s proposal on track in Congress amid deep internal divisions, a strong campaign of influence meets her at every turn. Business groups are working hard to combat large areas, such as increasing taxes on the rich and on businesses; expand health insurance to cover dental, hearing and vision services; and the taxes and fees proposed to reduce carbon emissions.