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Roc Nation and Geneva Club, in partnership with Netflix, unveiled the music for the film on Friday for The more they fall. The score plays a key role in the making of the Western Revisionist film with the voices of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, Zazie Beetz, Jonathan Majors and Jeymes Samuel, who conducts as composer of the score, mixed with melodies from The Chamber Orchestra of London. , among others.

Of the 136 eligible partitions, The more they fall was among the 15 scores voted for the Oscar list in the category Music (Original Score) by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. With a nomination, Samuel would be the ninth black composer ever nominated, and with a win, he would be the third black composer in Oscar history to win the category.


“We are delighted to publish The more they fall score today. Fans will be able to get a closer look at this film thanks to the sound experience offered by the score. I’m honored to have helped bring our collective visions to life through these sounds,” said Samuel. “The recognition we have received for The more they fall from audiences and critics around the world was incredibly exciting.

The start of the score falls on the heels of the film’s recently released soundtrack, which features explosive music from a wide range of award-winning artists such as Koffee, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Lauryn Hill, Jadakiss, Seal and Moreover. The soundtrack was released by Roc Nation, in partnership with Netflix, and co-produced by Samuel and Jay-Z.

Premiering last fall on Netflix, the film continues to critical acclaim, described as “a killer soundtrack [that] bolsters the most star-studded Black Western ever made,” by Indiewire, while Variety describe The more they fall as a movie that “gets black cowboys and Jay-Z racing for the Oscars.”

The more they fall was also nominated by the Critics Choice Association for Best Acting Ensemble, honored last year at the 2021 Gotham Awards, cultivated a record 20 nominations for the 22nd Annual Black Reel Awards, and was recently shortlisted in three categories for the BAFTA Film Award 2022, including the original score.

Samuel, also known by his stage name The Bullitts, is a British singer-songwriter, music producer and filmmaker. His first album, They die at dawn and other news…, was released in 2013. The more they fall, released in 2021, is making his feature directorial debut.

Krishna Sharma: the youngest producer and millionaire Tue, 11 Jan 2022 13:19:37 +0000

Krishna Sharma who was born and raised in Kolkata leads his life by being an example to millions of people who want to follow their dreams. Krishna is 25 years old and very talented and full of versatility. Krishna is a producer, till date he has produced a number of hit songs as well as movies some of which are on famous OTT platform like Netflix.

With each passing moment, he is making his way to become a well-known face across the country. He opened many production houses named The Ace Entertainment, Soul Music House, Hitmakers Productions with offices in Mumbai which are all counted in the list of prestigious production houses in the Bollywood film industry.

He is someone who likes to grow up and experience things. As someone open to trying something new that he likes, he entered Crypto as well as the stock construction industry. At present, he manages all his work efficiently without any problems.

He had produced some of the spectacular music under the label of Zee Music Company Like “Aakhri Baar” featuring Parth Samthan and Shakti Mohan. He is currently working on a project with none other than Ankit Tiwari which will be released in February 2021. Other than that, he will soon come up with some amazing projects that year that he is constantly working on.

Krishna has been working and producing the Netflix series “8” with Shraddha Kapoor released in 2023. Soon we will be revisiting his work on the OTT platform. He also produced some of the promising films like “Indoo Ki Jawani”, “Guilty”, “Bulbul” and much more. He always aims to deliver movies or series with a meaningful message to the audience, because he believes that it is also a means of communication through which we can make changes in our society. Since these are small steps that lead to great success.

As a creator, Krishna Sharma has worked with many staple media figures such as Badshah, Rannvijay Singha, Prince Narula and many other MTV stars. Surprisingly, he also coordinated Squadrann Talent Hunt with Rannvijay Singha and his company The Ace Entertainment, in urban areas of India.

Krishna Sharma has made tremendous strides and made his legacy in the media by giving significant successes in music and television and intends to do so in the web space as well.

His hard work is well recognized as he is the Youngest Bollywood producer not only that, he is also one of the India’s youngest millionaires.

]]> Hoe-Down Hosts “America’s Got Talent” Auditions Sun, 09 Jan 2022 12:17:27 +0000


‘America has talent’

Preliminary hearings

WHEN – 5:15 p.m. Jan.

O – Ozark Mountain Hoe-Down Music Theater, 3140 E. Van Buren St. in Eureka Springs

COT – $ 5- $ 15

INFO – 253-7725 or

Another January 15, the Ozark Mountain Hoe-Down Musical Theater in Eureka Springs would be dark. The show, directed by Mike Nichols, offers a full evening of music, comedy and more four nights a week from mid-April to mid-November, closing for the winter.

On this particular January 15, however, there is a lineup of some 35 artists ready to take the stage. Their goal is to get the attention of “America’s Got Talent,” through an email Nichols received from marketers on the NBC show asking who were the best and brightest in Northwestern. Arkansas.

“I think they would have been happy if I just wanted to send them a list of names,” Nichols said. “But I decided since we probably have no idea how much untapped talent we have in our surroundings, and I have a 650 seat theater, why not do a show? We will have a panel of three judges – myself included – and [though] of course we cannot guarantee them a spot on the tv show, we can guarantee that they will be seen by the producers of ‘AGT’.

“In addition, we will be filming their performances, so that they can also submit a ‘live on stage’ presentation of themselves to ‘AGT’,” he adds. “Why am I so happy to participate? Firstly because we can give our talented local and regional people a boost to eventual success and secondly we will use this show to raise some money for our local disabled veterans through the veterans of Ozark Mountain. organization to which part of the profits will go. “

Nichols has deep roots in the community of Eureka Springs and growing deeper in entertainment, having been in the music business for over 40 years. He co-owned and operated the Hoe-Down in the 1990s, before selling it in 2001 and moving to Branson, where he worked with Moe Bandy and hosted the show “Mike Nichols and Friends”. Next was Nashville, Tenn., Where he toured with country comedian Ray Stevens.

“I’ve worked with the Gatlin Brothers, Mel Tillis, Jim Stafford, Toby Keith and many other great country artists over the years,” he lists. “My career started in 1979 with a Las Vegas performing group called ‘The Funn Company’ where I was a singer, actor, impressionist etc.”

Since buying the Hoe-Down in 2016, Nichols has continually found new outlets for talent, including his own.

“Our comedian Tator ‘Chip’ Patches is an icon in the business, and even has a movie – ‘The Adventures of Tator Chip Patches’ – available worldwide on Amazon Prime,” he says proudly. “It works pretty well all over the world. And for the record, I play the character ‘Tator Chip Patches’. I created it in 1991 and had huge success with the character. I’m mainly a singer / artist. , but the character has definitely been a big thing in my life.

Although Nichols was not on stage for this particular performance, he managed to give it his personal touch by making it a fundraiser for the veterans.

“Vince Eastwood, a retired veteran himself and a big supporter of our show, is a good friend of mine and the president of Ozark Mountain veterans,” says Nichols. “He works pretty much all year helping our local veterans. I spoke with him when we decided to do this preliminary ‘AGT’ show and got his blessing to be a part of this. company. He was very happy that he was asked to be a part of it. Not to mention that I know him well enough, that I have confidence that whatever we raise, 100 percent will go to help veterans. “

Mike Nichols is the owner, general manager, producer and performer at the Ozark Mountain Hoe-Down Music Theater in Eureka Springs. On January 15, he also hosts and judges the Season 17 preliminary auditions for “America’s Got Talent”. (Courtesy photo)
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Dave Cobb on the production of Jessica Chastain and the music “Eyes of Tammy Faye” Sat, 08 Jan 2022 01:18:00 +0000

High-profile music producer Dave Cobb is currently nominated for multiple Grammys for his work with two longtime clients who have some of the biggest and best voices in the business: Brandi Carlile and Chris Stapleton. For a recent film project, he was commissioned to replicate the vintage song catalog of the 70s / 80s from another belt, albeit a little less famous: the late televangelist diva Tammy Faye Bakker.

As you might expect, after working on “Eyes of Tammy Faye” – the film that debuted in theaters in November and just bowed out to a wider audience on HBO Max – Cobb did that’s the highest praise for Jessica Chastain, who has inhabited Bakker as a vocal stylist for more than half a dozen musical performances. But you won’t find him giving Bakker herself much less enthusiastic praise than he would a Carlile or Stapleton. And the potential for campiness did not enter her mind more than that of the principal lady.

Bakker “had a pretty incredible range – I mean, she really did,” Cobb says. “She was a stylized singer, for sure. But she had the thing that I think was related to people, was the heart that she had. And when Tammy sang ‘Don’t Give Up on a Miracle’ she believed every word she sang, and I think it’s rare for any artist to be able to connect with audiences like that.

When the actress came into the studio to pre-record the voice for the film, admiring both Bakker and Chastain, she also had a lot of heart to her… with maybe a little booze. Chastain openly professed that she was nervous enough about singing for the movie that she needed a little bit of liquid backup to at least get through the first round. Cobb laughs and seems reluctant to offer too much confirmation of Chastain’s methodology: “Well, I’ll let her tell that story. But I think maybe she put some Maker’s Mark in her tea.

She was quickly successful, which is perhaps not surprising considering the 10 years she spent preparing for identity theft. Cobb’s immersion in Tammy Faye dates back much further than that, so he was equipped to be a good judge of the success of the leading lady’s spiked channeling.

“I’m from Georgia and my grandparents on both sides are Pentecostals,” Cobb says. “And one of my grandmothers always had ‘PTL’ on TV, non-stop, and she had all of Tammy Faye’s records. I mean, she even joined the membership where for a certain amount of money you could stay anytime you wanted at Heritage USA ”ie the pyramid scheme that ultimately led to the downfall. of her husband Jim Bakker, as well as a sex scandal. “So I was very, very familiar with the music and the Bakkers, and when I heard about the movie, I was fascinated because it’s something that I always had around me, growing up.”

Chastain and music supervisor John Houlihan – who Cobb said “did the heavy lifting” on the project – had already picked songs from Bakker’s catalog by the time Cobb got a boost from the CAA and came along. about the project. But he relished the chance to recreate records that represented a wall of sound greater than anything he had done before.

“It was really amazing to hear those songs again,” says Cobb. “I mean, I can’t imagine more decadent production never carried out. He means that in the most flattering way possible. “There’s a choir, strings, horns, a full orchestra, huge backing vocals accompaniments – that’s the kitchen sink. I’ve worked with all of these things to varying degrees on records, but never did it all on one song. Tammy Faye’s productions were all, all the time. It must have been a fun time when they originally recorded the stuff. I mean, I know when we recorded there were probably 30 or 40 people playing on each song, mostly. So it’s incredible that they were able to do it, from a budgetary point of view, at that time.

Just think of it as Cobb’s grandma’s contributions to work.

Cobb gives a lot of credit to the producer whose work he sometimes recreated – Gary S. Paxton, who left a career in secular music (as the screenplay notes, he was famous for “Monster Mash”) to go into pop music. Christian. in the mid-1970s, recording his own records and becoming Bakker’s confidante in and out of music. (Tammy Paxton’s lover is played in the film by Mark Wystrach, frontman of the much-loved country band Midland, whose singing voice is also briefly heard on the soundtrack.)

“Gary Paxton is an incredibly cerebral and masterful key change writer who writes these incredibly complex parts. When you’ve got brass sections doing all these crazy things and string sections doing all these crazy things, and the backgrounds doing things around that, and then the band itself, I mean, what a brain of a brain. I can’t imagine being so smart, composing like he did.

“Normally I play guitar on a lot of records, but some things were really beyond me, so I brought in people like Charlie (Worsham) who could handle the chart. I definitely had to send for bells to be able to climb that hill. He also used other A team players, like “Fred Mandel, one of my heroes, who played on” The Wall “and with Elton John and Queen. Cutting ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ “(for the movie’s climactic scene),” he walked in and played a few keys and we kind of responded to his voice about it and cut it in place. “

Chastain and Cobb made their first session sound almost like a thriller. She knew his job and said she was intimidated working with him, and for her part, “I was terrified to work with her, to be a fan and to know how good she is. It’s scary to put on shoes, to be in a room with someone talented. But he said he had no idea that she felt so intimidated, and anyway, he felt. that she was comfortable “once she realized how relaxed it was and that it wasn’t a huge production. Well he has been a big production, musically ”- when the band and orchestra recorded separately – but“ in the environment we were recording the vocals in, it was just like buddies in a room together, hanging out. I immediately felt that she was really good people, and it was a great vibe.

As Chastain told the story, they finished recording the first day and felt great about it… and the next day in the studio Cobb told him to switch the vocals from 10 to 12, like Tammy Faye would have. do. Cobb says he didn’t force her where she didn’t want to go. “I just saw his confidence grow. I think at the end of the day she knew she was up for a new challenge, and I think that by really pushing her she was there and was able to improve on everything she had done first. day. We had three days to do the vocals, but the majority was recorded in a day and a half. The second night is when maybe we hit the stride and increased the keys and we’re gone Boom boom boom and broke everything. It was quite mind-blowing.

“Not only did she have to sing these kinds of opera pieces, but she also had to nail Tammy Faye’s accent and Tammy Faye’s manners. And I think she really shines in music a lot about it. What she does is a lot harder than what we had to do in the studio – not only was she in the movie as Tammy Faye, not only did she have to sing, but she has a production company “responsible for the movie”, so she had a lot of things to do. But she got extremely into a really positive headspace and as really just a hard worker who goes the extra mile to get the perfect voice. But not only did she have such a good temper, but she had really great respect for Tammy Faye – you could just tell she liked the person. And when she sang, not only did she try to nail the notes, but she really tried to nail Tammy’s heart, and that’s what made him special.

The end credits offer two appoggiatures, one comical and the other not. There is a “Puppet Medley” at the end of the film which Cobb said was a gas to do with Chastain. “Every character that Tammy Faye played, it was amazing to watch her come to life,” said Cobb, who said it was really “like you’re having conversations with multiple characters”.

But before that, there’s another song from the end credits, one that doesn’t play. It was “a thousand percent” Chastain’s idea to blackmail a cover by Tammy Faye’s daughter, Tammy Sue Baker. “We did all of this pretty much around that time during COVID, but the connection between Jessica and Tammy Sue was really special, seeing that moment and how much she really cared about Tammy Faye. It was a beautiful marriage to see these two working together.

But one of his favorites, like much of the audience, was the disco track: “; Jesus, Keep Take Me Higher ”- it was such a fun track to record. I just feel like nothing can go wrong in this song. It’s just pure happiness.

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Jennifer Hudson, Timbaland and more in the spotlight – Billboard Thu, 06 Jan 2022 01:37:09 +0000

The 2022 Urban One Honors will honor singer / actress Jennifer Hudson, writer / producer Timbaland and gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard as well as two legendary songwriters / production teams, Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

To explore

See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

The two-hour show, captioned “The Soundtrack of Black America,” will air Jan. 17 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. Central). Ne-Yo is configured to host.

Emmy, Grammy and Oscar winner Hudson – who could receive another Oscar (or maybe even two) next month for Respect – will be honored as an entertainment icon. Jam and Lewis will be honored for their lifetime; Gamble & Huff as Living Legends; Timbaland for musical innovation; Cobbs Leonard for the impact of inspiration. All of these winners are Grammy winners. Additionally, Gamble & Huff received a Recording Academy Board Award in 1999.

In addition to receiving an award, Cobbs Leonard will perform on the show, as will Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Kelly Price, Tank and D-Nice. The presenters are Tyrese, Jermaine Dupri, Marlon Wayans and Vashawn Mitchell.

The Urban One Honors, now in its fourth year, recognizes the achievements of African Americans who have made extraordinary contributions to entertainment, media, music, education and community.

TV and radio personality Eva Marcille will host a special behind-the-scenes segment, featuring interviews with the winners, artists and presenters of the show.

Tony McCuin is Director of the Urban One Honors 2022 with Kim Burse on board as Music Director. The show is produced by Eric Tomosunas and Robert A. Boyd II of Swirl Films. Marilyn Gill is the executive producer of the series. Kashon Powell is vice president of programming for Radio One and Susan Henry is executive producer in charge of production for TV One.

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15 great Irish music numbers to listen to in 2022 Tue, 04 Jan 2022 00:01:00 +0000

Stevie Appleby

After a period of reflection where he didn’t pick up a guitar for about two years, Stevie Appleby (formerly of Little Green Cars) returned to the fray at the end of 2021 with new music (EP, with the wonderful songs Mother of Pearl and Rusty) and several live performances (Other Voices, support for Wyvern Lingo). His reappearance was welcome but unexpected and his new songs further solidify his skills as a skilled performer of folk / pop. Listen / watch

Stevie Appleby, formerly of Little Green Cars

Carrie Baxter

Born and raised in Waterford but living in London, Carrie Baxter spent a few years making music her chosen career. After releasing several tracks in 2021, she is aiming for 2022 as a pivotal year. Baxter’s musical style (think svelte Amy Winehouse sipping Southern Comfort) seems tailor-made for radio, with songs like Pray, Love me Better and Without You (featuring Dublin rapper Nealo) elegantly ticking a box. decorated one after the other. Listen / watchhttps

Carrie Baxter's music seems tailor-made for radio

Carrie Baxter’s music seems tailor-made for radio


Music producer and game developer Bren Sutton has been around for a while, but we suspect he’s a new name for many due to his mostly reclusive if not anonymous nature. He began self-publishing a wide range of solo music (EDM, hip-hop, funk, electro-pop) in 2019 and envisions 2022 as an unprecedented year in his goal of reshaping what he has described as “a true Irish music “. Listen / watch

Tara Nome Doyle

This Berlin-based Norwegian-Irish singer and songwriter – a huge fan of the Blindboy podcast, FYI – is no ingenuous but because of where she lives, she stays under the radar in Ireland, at least in terms of music. Doyle’s 2020 debut album Alchemy introduced the ‘Kate Bush Sings Nick Cave’ styles to a niche audience, though he took his music to heart. His second album, Værmin, is released on January 28, and if his nuanced piano, strings, synthesizers, and rhythms don’t pull you in, then give up all hope, you who walk in here. Listen / watch


Presenting a message of positive queer performance through their vivid electro-pop music is something Dyvr (Adam Cleaver) from Belfast does beautifully and succinctly. There is sweetness in the vocal performance as much as there is assertiveness in the music, with three EPs (Pt 3 released in November) skillfully showcasing militant sensibilities. Such a stance is also apparent in Dyvr’s videos, which are object lessons to get the point across. Listen / watch

Belfast-based Dyvr Makes Vivid Electro-Pop Music

Belfast-based Dyvr Makes Vivid Electro-Pop Music


In a neat biographical twist, the five members of Gurriers say they’re from Laura Palmer-Stown, and when you listen to songs like Top of the Bill and Approachable (their only material released so far) you know the mix. weird, post-punk, and sprechgesang Dublinese is a perfect fit. They’ve been compared to Fountains DC but ignore it – the Gurriers are their own bunch: raw like a butcher’s cup and just as fresh.

Lyndsey Lawlor

Lyndsey Lawlor, singer / songwriter / spoken word artist from Dublin, has so much to complain about that one song just isn’t enough. His 2020 EP Sake (as in FFS, not the Japanese drink) was followed in November by the song Bottle & Chain, which takes Lawlor’s lyrical momentum in a different direction and highlights his speaking skills. Inspired by voices and stories and their combined therapeutic benefits, there is a lot to be learned from this woman’s world. Lawlor’s debut album, Dearest Philistine, is scheduled for release January 12. Listen / watch

Lyndsey Lawlor is a Dublin singer / songwriter and spoken word artist

Lyndsey Lawlor is a Dublin singer / songwriter and spoken word artist

M (h) aol

First they were there (2015 debut single Clementine), then they weren’t, then they came back. It’s as if M (h) aol’s entry into the Irish music firmament was something Keyser Söze imagined, but listening to their 2021 debut EP, Gender Studies, makes you rethink how guitar groups could ring. If there is a glorious abandonment of music, there is also a controlled ambient environment that makes radical socio-political songs such as Laundries, Asking for It and the title song Without Mercy. Listen / watch

M (h) aol's first EP in 2021 is called Gender Studies

M (h) aol’s first EP in 2021 was called Gender Studies

modern love

It was once said that the best thing to get out of Drogheda was the drive to Dublin, but sucks because modernlove has been the best band in town for decades. When the group won the Firestone Battle of the Bands several years ago, there were strong allusions to Maroon 5, but they’ve since settled into their skin. Recently signed to Akira Records and with a debut album on the way, who can’t say in 2022 that the best thing to come out of Dublin might just be the road to Drogheda? Listen / watch

New Dad

NewDad from Galway says that while their music is for teenagers, parents will come to their concerts and love it even more. It’s a roundabout way of saying how brilliantly multigenerational their music is, and how much older people would probably have been fans of their more obvious influences (Pixies, The Cure). That said, their 2021 EP, Waves (produced by Chris Ryan, who also worked with Dundalk’s Just Mustard), brings a laid-back dreamy / nightmare touch to the music. Expect their 2022 debut album to be a very safe bet. Listen / watch

NewDad's 2021 EP is called Waves

NewDad’s 2021 EP is called Waves


Ireland is getting there slowly but surely when it comes to generating natural pop songwriters and performers, and Malahide’s Jade Roche is among the best of the bunch. Looking at Dua Lipa, Robyn and Sigrid (with a twist in the weirdness of FKA Twigs) and wondering why ever, Pastiche brings a nice dynamism to the form. The songs released so far – Chasing Down the Fame, Heaven – merge punchy electro-pop with assured performative control (the latter for which you can thank the Billie Barry Stage School).

Pastiche fuses punchy electro-pop with assured performative control

Pastiche fuses punchy electro-pop with assured performative control

Pretty happy

The long-standing tradition of Cork being a breeding ground for something very slightly different continues with Pretty Happy, a post-punk-art trio that – among other crass benchmarks – distills the essence of Pixies and sprinkles Cork’s undiluted psycho-geographic accent. (especially the indefinable Nun Attax) everywhere. The band’s 2021 four-track EP, Sluggers Bridge (featuring Salami, Sea Sea Sea, Sudocream, Fintan O’Toole), is as beautiful an introduction as you can get to one of the best new-ish bands in the country. /look

Saibh Skelly

Teenage singer-songwriter Saibh Skelly has already earned her due: at age 15, she started performing on Grafton Street, slipping original songs into batches of covers, and then uploading them to YouTube. When the arrival of Covid-19 prevented street performances, its YouTube channel offered musical peace, love and understanding to its more than 10,000 subscribers (now nearly 55,000), who embraced the Skelly’s naturalistic songs like the proverbial ducks in the water. Find a deal with Dublin-based Rubyworks Records (Wyvern Lingo, David Keenan, Rodrigo y Gabriela) and more original material lurking behind the scenes. Listen / watch

Tisdall Ocean

Co Wicklow singer-songwriter Ocean Tisdall may blame his mother for his commitment to music: One of the house rules was that he could only watch music videos TV channels. In 2021, Tisdall released his first single, Broke Up With my Best Friend, which quickly caught the attention of Universal Music. Now signed on this label (with a management contract with Hall or Nothing, based in London, which co-manages The Script), Tisdall foresees a very busy year 2022: a new single in February, followed by a first EP whose release is planned. in May. Listen / watch

Ocean Tisdall: Co Wicklow singer-songwriter

Ocean Tisdall: Co Wicklow singer-songwriter

Clara Tracey

From a booming musical career in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, to working in Paris and then settling in Dublin, Clara Tracey brings to her music a libertarian, feminist and theatrical orientation which turns to the works of Colette and Anais. Nin for a kind of inspiration and contemporary French artists (and Francophiles) like Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin for another. The result is a trip-hop / jazz / song genre amalgamation that can be heard on his debut album, Black Forest, released via Pizza Pizza Records in early 2022. Listen / Watch

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Interview with producer Poo Bear on the new album “The Book of Nabeel” Fri, 31 Dec 2021 13:00:00 +0000
Click to enlarge

Poop bear

Photo by Tony Bowen

Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd is in the best shape of his life. Last summer he moved from the epicenter of the music industry on the West Coast to South Florida – and he hasn’t looked back since.

Now, six months after the move, Poo Bear remains committed to leading a healthier lifestyle and is preparing to release their most ambitious project yet.

“It’s gonna be a trip,” said Poo Bear New times. “The music is amazing. We worked on it in Cannes and Geneva – different places. It will be world music, songs that we love, poems that were written, and I turned them into songs. C is why the name of the body of work is called Nabeel’s book. ”

On a sunny Friday, Poo Bear is sitting with New times to discuss the next album, which is due out in February. His new single with Justin Bieber and Bryson Tiller, “Lonely Christmas” was released earlier today, even as audiences are still buzzing about his previous wellness single, “Distant Shore.” The progressive house-style record produced by Poo Bear, Sasha Sirota and Shndō embodies the dance rhythm for which Miami is famous.

“Distant Shore” is totally different from the heavy lifting of the producer. Since the late 90s, Poo Bear has produced a number of chart-topping records, including 112’s “Anywhere”, Usher’s “Caught Up” and Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya”. In the past four years alone, the veteran songwriter has released his first solo album and has written some of the greatest songs to hit the airwaves, including a remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito”. , starring Justin Bieber, as well as Billie Eilish and The Bieber Remix for “Bad Guy”.

In 2021, Poo Bear improved in several ways. In April, he signed a joint venture agreement with Def Jam Recordings for his label Bearthday Music. He also worked with the poet Nabeel Y. Zahid on his next album and the continuation of his debut in 2018, Poo Bear presents the music of Bearthday.

Last summer he released “The Day You Left”, an R&B record with an electronic twist that he produced with Skrillex and Sasha Sirota. The single, with “Distant Shore”, is expected to appear on Nabeels’ book, which is based on the poems of Zahid. The process of turning poems into songs is something new for Poo Bear, who has a habit of writing hit singles for Usher, Mya, Fat Joe, Kelly Rowland, Ty Dolla Sign, Chris Brown, and J. Balvin. .
When not traveling the world, Poo Bear spends his time cooking up new music at his new home base, Rich Music’s Miami studio, home to rising stars like Sech and premier Latin artists. plan like J Quiles. The veteran musician is no stranger to reggaeton, especially after working with J. Balvin in 2015 and releasing “Just Gettin ‘Started” with Nicky Jam, DJ Khaled and Kent Jones in 2018. Yet while working at the studio he has been tapping into all kinds of sounds from around the world, which one can expect to hear on his next LP.

“I feel like, even more now, the energy is more like I want to develop more with reggaeton,” Poo Bear said. “It’s not new to me, but [working at Rich Music] was more inspired by it. At the same time, I feel like I have so much to prove musically, and Miami is definitely a place where everyone works and everyone works hard. So it’s inspiring to see that, and everyone is focused on their growth and ascension. ”

After writing several songs that hit the Billboard Over the years, you would think he would make an exciting contender for a Battle of Verzuz. But Poo Bear thinks it would be hard to find another artist who could match his success.

“It’s not fair if you think about it,” says Poo Bear. “I co-wrote my first hit in 1996. They can’t beat me against anyone. I can’t do a Verzuz when I’m still actively on the charts. It’s not fair. Now if you can find another songwriter-producer who’s still actively on the charts and has been on the charts since the 90s, so maybe we can have a Verzuz. ”

Poo Bear gives his props to Swizz Beatz and Timbaland for concocting the concept of Verzuz and making the series of battles “fun and entertaining”. But it doesn’t look like we’re going to see Poo Bear make a hit on a stage in Verzuz anytime soon. Maybe it’s for the best. Instead of fighting against his past, the producer is focusing more on promoting his music.

“Forget what I’ve done in the past,” Poo Bear says. “It’s awesome, and I’m blessed just to be able to show and prove and be a trailblazer and stay ahead of the curb. It’s always been my creative process, and I’m never going to stop doing it like this. C ‘It’s fair with this record, I was trying something new with the poem. I’m always going to move the music forward and make sure I’m part of the next sound. It’s really important. ”

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Rwandan producers who changed the music game in 2021 | New times Wed, 29 Dec 2021 22:03:44 +0000

ANY MUSIC LOVER can tell how sounds, creativity, arrangement and other skills in music production have changed in the year 2021.

Rwandan music is slowly gaining international recognition after different producers add flavor to their production.

The New Times introduces you to some of the producers who are producing sounds that will take Rwandan music to another level.


You have certainly heard ‘Eleeeh’ in almost every Rwandan hit song. The new kid on the block has one of the best touches when it comes to music production.

Since Noopja introduced the 22-year-old to the music scene, afro beat sounds have boomed in the country.

With the help of Bob Pro who mixes almost every song he produces, the kid’s hands are behind hits like ‘Amata’, ‘Itara’, ‘Amashu’, ‘Ikinyafu’ to name a few – a few.

Ayo Rash

Real name Élisée Raha, the 22-year-old young man is a Rwandan music producer who is behind the best record of 2021 called ‘Away’ by Ariel Ways which has generated a million views in less than a month. .

Born in the DRC, one of the continent’s many talented countries, Ayo rush moved to Rwanda three years ago and since then his name has continued to appear on the songs that have invaded the country.

The young producer has produced many popular songs such as “Please Me” by Junior Kizigenza, Marina Brigade in less than a year and is establishing an empire showcasing the true abilities of Rwandan musicians.

Danny beats

From the day he produced an all-time hit “Twifunze”, Danny Beats has progressed on his journey of raising young Rwandan musicians to the top with his production skills.

From Sintex, Mike Kayihura, to Bushali and Kivumbi King, Danny Beat’s production has introduced a large number of musicians to the music scene.

His touch on Kivumbi’s “DID” album is why the project is at the top of the charts and trends in the country.

Kivumbi King’s ‘Panchika’ with Nutty Neithan is one of the projects where one can trace the goodness of the production of Dany Beats.

Kina beat

Since the start of the year, most of the Hip-Hop hits have been produced by Kina Beat, real name Clement Nshimiyimana, who is also one of the producers who merged the Drill genre in the country.

The 24-year-old started using fruit curls in high school until he landed on some of the best hits released this year. “Mood” by Bull Dog, “Amakosi” by Ish Kevin, “Tricky” by Logan Joe ‘Ibitambo’ by Kenny Kshot and many more were all made in his studio.

Pro Zed

In 2015, Shema Darcin Ngabonziza started making music using FL studio, software that creates and mixes beats.

The up-and-coming producer was the first to make a drill song in the country using loud sound music, a Rwandan movement of drillers.

He generated a lot of noise after producing Rwanda ‘Rw’ejo’, Loud sound’s debut album which had top hits like ‘Mukarukundo’ and ‘Mwanawamama’.

In 2021, he gained the attention and admiration of many music lovers by producing tracks like ‘Nicyo Gituma’ by B-Threy, ‘Whatever’ by Joe Logan, King Kong and many more.

His appearance on Buravan’s new album is proof that the young producer really worked in 2021.

Niz Beats

The 24-year-old was born in Rusizi district. He is the third of five children. In his testimony, he said he started composing songs in 2013 and started producing in 2015.

The young man, who does all genres, is rather seen under the afro beat craze because he takes over.

From 2017 he worked at Country Records until he created his own studio called One Touch in 2019.

The young man has produced hits such as ‘Igikwe’ by Gabiro Guitar and Confy, ‘Say My’ Name by Kenny Sol, “Always” by B-Threy and many more.

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Hip-Hop Takes Top Honors in Local Music Critics’ Poll Tue, 28 Dec 2021 01:51:32 +0000

The Seattle Times published its annual list of top local albums of the year for 2021. Local music writers, DJs, and playlists submit their top ten favorite local albums, and the list is made up of the albums with the most votes. .

KUOW’s Kevin Kniestedt spoke to Seattle Times songwriter and list curator Michael Rietmulder about the list’s top three albums. For the second year in a row, the top local albums that received the most votes were all hip-hop releases.

1. Jarv Dee and the wrong colors, BlakHouse PE

Michael rietmulder: Over the past two years, I have had so many people approaching me and asking me if I had heard this. It was a release that had really strong word of mouth and got people talking. He’s been a part of the Seattle hip-hop scene for years now, first with the Moor Gang collective, and on this new EP he really changes his style, and mixes both traditional hip-hop and music. house, where he raps to those dance music beats that were produced by a East Coast producer named Bad Colors, and he completely sticks the landing.

2. Travis Thompson, BLVD BOY

Rietmulder: It’s a rapper Burien that the people of Seattle have been stalking for years. This album he released this summer is the biggest of his career to date. It was swinging really big in terms of grabbing some big name features. It was new to him. But for me, what really stands out about this album is that his mastery of the melody has really taken a big step forward.

Travis has always been a very talented rapper and lyricist, but he was also a very good hook writer. In the past, he used the melody in his verses, going back and forth between those half-sung bars and more traditional rap streams. Here he seems a lot more confident to lean into that melody and sort of stay in that space. You see that especially on the song Crossfade which has a very dreamy hypnotic effect. It’s super deworming, and unlike anything it has done in the past.

3. Parisalexa, Finishing line PE

Rietmulder: For the past three years, Parisalexa has been a staple, and for a very good reason. It was this super talented R&B singer and songwriter who really made her mark, especially in Seattle. His career is starting to diversify now. In the past, she has explained how she was influenced by 90s R&B stars like Brandy and Monica who like Parisalexa also have a very strong pop sensibility, and you see it on her new EP. Finishing line.

To see all of the albums that made the list this year, click here.

Listen to the interview by clicking the play button above.

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DJ David Guetta predicts post-pandemic will be ‘best for dance music’ Sun, 26 Dec 2021 09:43:42 +0000

Uperstar DJ David Guetta has predicted that the next few years will see “the best dance music in history” after the pandemic.

In an interview, he told The Standard, “I think it’s human nature to take things for granted after a while.

“I think people took life for granted. After Covid, the holidays are now really crazy. It’s a whole different thing, when you go on stage, it’s a madhouse.

“I think the next few years will be the best years for dance music in history.”

He said that whenever there was a global crisis such as the Covid pandemic, dance music helped people come together and “forget it all.”

The producer said some of his biggest hits came out around the time of the global unrest because audiences were looking to get away from it all.

Guetta added that before the pandemic, dance music was “not so hot anymore”.

But the star, who has sold more than 50 million records sold worldwide, predicted it would “come back strong” – adding that most of her concerts are now “crazy” as people no longer take the opportunity. to party for granted.

The artist said: “Whenever there is a big crisis, it’s good for dance music. People just need to forget everything, have a good time and let go and dance. .

“As a music producer my experience shows me that the biggest hit I’ve had in my career – the biggest hit was I Gotta Feeling (with the Black Eyed Peas) and that was in the middle of the crisis. financial. “

The Parisian star continued, “With the Covid, dance music was no longer hot, but now it’s coming back so strong. I think there’s a connection to people going through a crisis and the need to come together and to forget everything. ”