Beverly Glenn-Copeland: keyboard fantasies reinvented

Keyboard fantasies reinvented

Beverly glenn-copeland



The Beverly Glenn-Copeland story might take pages to tell, but briefly: In 1986, the black transgender electronic music innovator self-released around 200 tapes from an album called Keyboard Fantasies. Difficult to categorize (meditative electronic soundscapes topped with fragile vocals didn’t get too much attention in the mid-1980s) and even more problematic to catch the interest of record labels, it sold for around 50 copies.

Cassette copies

A few years ago, the then 72-year-old musician received an email from an influential Japanese record collector: were there any copies of the cassettes left, and if so, could they be purchased? A ripple effect began and the renewed interest in Copeland increased to the point where Keyboard Fantasies and other recordings were re-released.

Reworked versions

Which brings us to the songs from that same album that are reinvented to mark its 35th anniversary. It can be helpful to know the original recordings, but don’t worry if that isn’t possible, as the reworked versions here proudly stand on their own. With five of the eight tracks over six minutes (and one, Ever New, elegantly reworked by Kelsey Lu, touching 10 minutes), there’s plenty of time to let the magic happen. Along with Kelsey Lu’s remix, other highlights include Blood Orange weaving a plaintive oriental spell over Sunset Village and Julia Holter rubbing Fastest Star to make it shine even brighter.

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