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Let’s be honest here, we’re all full of shit with our New Years fitness resolutions. We walk into the gym on January 2 with a “clear eyes, full heart, I can’t lose” mentality to the Friday night lights, but wake up in December with nothing but a belly full of pizza and regrets.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the world’s largest streaming services has launched a dedicated space to share fitness-related music content and start a fire under the collective ass of its subscriber base. Apple Music today announced its new “Fitness DJ Mix” series, a hub where artists and DJs share exclusive mixes designed to deliver lively workout experiences.

Going forward, fans can expect a new mix every month. The first collection includes exclusive sets from Aluna, Loud Luxury, Valentino Khan and Above & Beyond, each of which has tailored their selections to a specific fitness environment: Aluna’s for riding, Khan’s for the gym, Luxury’s for the course and Above & Beyond’s for yoga.

You can listen to the mixes below and learn more about each via the accompanying blurbs, which came from a press release shared with

Above and Beyond: Yoga

Since launching their Flow State project in 2019, Above and Beyond has released three albums “to grab people’s attention and focus on helping them find better mental shape and overall happiness in life,” Paavo said. Siljamäki, a third of the British trance trio, at Apple. Music. So the group, which has collaborated with fellow yoga practitioners Elena Brower and ChauKei Ngai in the past, were a natural fit to design the first Apple Music Fitness Mix for yoga, which tracks the energy and tempo of a practice of vinyasa flow. “With increased awareness, by being more present, one can achieve a state of flux: a creative and free state of mind where time, fear and stress dissipate”, explains Siljamäki. “This has always been the goal of our Flow State albums and mixes. We try to structure our mindful mixes with a smaller, more intimate opening before expanding into more string-based records. “Concrete example: the inclusion of Jon Hopkins’ wonderful ambient track” Abandon Window “, which” is always found in our downtempo sets “, explains Siljamäki. “It was the opening track for our first yoga set at Robot Heart, Burning Man in 2014, and it sets the mood instantly.” This blend is created for students and teachers to guide their practice or teaching in the classroom. “We hope it will provide listeners with some degree of calm and comfort in these wild times,” said Siljamäki.

Valentino Khan: Gym

At its core, there is a philosophy that drives all Apple Music Fitness mixes: “Music is that primary tool that gives us extra energy boost during our workouts,” Valentino Khan told Apple Music. “It’s a pretty crazy idea, but it’s so obvious. For most people, this is almost a requirement for any fitness program. As such, the Los Angeles-based DJ / producer assembled the very first Fitness Mix for the gym, an almost hour-long set to guide you through weight training, a HIIT workout, or any other weight training program. equally difficult fitness. “I wanted to keep the energy high, while selecting pieces that were fun to listen to, to play in any setting. It’s a bit of a crescendo, with more energetic tracks towards the later stages of the mix. At the same time, I wanted to give people a great ending that they can roll towards. Amidst this mix of house and hip-hop, a few key tracks that Khan included are his own “Your Body,” starring Nitti Gritti, and “a crazy Drake flip, ‘Nonstop’,” he says. “It sounds like a great recovery song that turns into another cycle of intensity.”

Aluna: Ride

For the first Apple Music Fitness Mix for cycling, British electronic producer and singer Aluna (formerly half of AlunaGeorge) emulates her DJing style. “I take any club or festival I play in around the world with my collection of global dance music,” she told Apple Music. “This time it’s by bike.” The set goes seamlessly from a relaxed warm-up to an intense series of half-time climbs and full-speed sprints, with a few beats in between to catch your breath. Eventually, she guides you through what she calls the 90 RPM “sweet spot”. “Of course, I had to beat that tempo right at the end for those who want a little extra challenge.” Undulating and invigorating, with lots of bounce, the mix brings club kinetic energy to your ride. Aluna says that LA’s Channel Tres’ mellow “Topdown” warm-up cut is the kind of deep bass cut that will help keep you motivated. also has that effect on the dance floor, where it just speaks to your body, “she says. Later, DJ Sliink’s” Run Ricky Run “will test your limits.” I’m sure you’ll get more of you. thought, she said, because this piece will get it out of you.

Loud Luxury: Running

No one ever said getting and staying fit was easy. “We’re both runners and the hard part is staying motivated,” Andrew Fedyk, half of Los Angeles-based house duo Loud Luxury, told Apple Music of the creation of the first-ever Apple Music Fitness. Mix for the race. “We made a mix that embodied what we would like to work on and would keep us excited.” In terms of the structure of the whole, “we really intended to have sections that are very energetic, big moments of messy singing, mixed with sections where it’s a little more rhythmic and repetitive”, explains Joe Depace. “The point here is to keep you going so that you never get bored, but also that you don’t waste all of your energy on just one song. Of the duo’s fitness program, Depace says, “With all the trips we take, it’s hard to have a consistent routine, but we try to find ways to move wherever we are. It took some weird turns, like boards in the hotel room or a run after the show in the middle of winter. The main thing we’ve learned is that everyone has a different recipe for what gets them going, and we hope our blend can help. “

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