After the success of the series ‘Verzuz’, Timbaland creates the Beatclub

Beatclub expects to be officially launched later this year, but several top musicians and producers like J. Cole, Mike WiLL Made-It, Mike Dean, Tainy and Scott Storch have joined.

On Monday, Justin Timberlake told The Associated Press that he is also joining the Beatclub. The singer said he is currently working with Timbaland and Beatclub on his next album.

“When Tim told me about the Beatclub, the concept behind it, I thought it was a great and brilliant idea,” said Timberlake, who won three Grammys with Timbaland for “Sexy Back,” “LoveStoned / I Think She Knows “and” Pusher Lover Girl. The duo have collaborated on five of Timberlake’s studio albums.

Timberlake said in a video first posted to AP that the platform could be a way for creatives to connect, communicate and share music without being in the same room.

“For people to have access to this kind of technology and platform where you can share things, I find that really inspiring,” he said. “It makes me excited to collaborate with people I’ve never even met. Even the stuff we’re working on right now with my record is Beatclub. It’s Tim who brings the people he found on this platform and brings them to me.

Timbaland predicted that Beatclub will be extremely rewarding and educational for members, who can retain all of their music rights and income, set their own pricing terms, and keep their publishing royalties. The platform will not take any additional income from subscribers.

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