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06 Dec

Have you applied for a loan? Maybe you’re just searching the internet to find the right lender? See what the loan application should contain.

Every year, hundreds of contracts are signed with non-bank companies. Everyone can find themselves in a deadlock situation when they need financial support from a loan company. If family and friends can’t help, this is one of the best solutions.

Our online payday loan application takes just 3 mins

If we are interested in taking out a loan or payday loan online, we will be required to complete a loan application form at https://www.paydayloanhelpers.com/. Both online and in a stationary office, the non-banking company will ask us to provide some basic personal data. The loan form is an indispensable document if you want to receive money from a loan company. In the application, we provide the following: name, surname, address of residence, marital status, social security number, ID number and series, correspondence address, documented monthly income, e.g. under an employment contract, work order, work contract, disability pension or the retirement pension. In addition, the borrower may be asked to provide an active phone number, e-mail address or own bank account number.

When completing the application, most lenders ask their clients to perform a verification transfer to the company’s bank account. This transfer is usually made in the amount of PLN 0.01, PLN 0.10 or PLN 1.00. Thanks to this the lender has the opportunity to check the correctness of the applicant’s personal data. It is a prerequisite that personal data from the application should belong to the same person whose data will be visible on the bank account. Sometimes it happens that loan companies use special, free applications, thanks to which the customer is verified in a very short time. 

How long is the loan application reviewed?

How long is the loan application reviewed?

The customer can usually apply for a loan almost all day long. The form can be found on the websites of non-bank companies, where it will be necessary to register a customer account. Platforms are usually free, otherwise, it is the company’s responsibility to inform the customer about fees for using the website. Filling out the loan application takes only a few to several minutes. After completing all entered data, you should check their correctness and accept the consent regarding becoming familiar with the loan terms and conditions or consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. C

Consideration of the loan application will depend mainly on customer service hours. Working hours are given in the “contact” tab on the lender’s official website. Employees of non-bank companies usually work on business days, but there are companies that serve their clients also on weekends. The transfer of money to the borrower’s bank account will depend on the outgoing Elixir session. If we have a bank account in the same bank as the lender, surely the money from the loan will be on our account sooner.

What should you check before completing your loan application?

If we are determined to take out a loan and complete the application, we must first verify the loan company, in particular, check whether we match the borrower’s profile provided by the lender. Each applicant must meet the relevant criteria set by the company towards potential customers. In any case, the applicant must be of legal age and possess a valid identity document. At present, payday loans are granted to persons living in Poland who have Polish citizenship. In addition, it is important for the borrower to have good creditworthiness, which is verified in the debtors’ databases, such as the Credit Information Bureau, the Polish Bank Association or the Economic Information Bureau. If the customer has debt, his loan application will be rejected.

The borrower’s credit history is also taken into account, which is why non-bank companies are asking clients to send a documented monthly source of income. In addition to the conditions to be met by the applicant, it is worth that the client verifies the non-bank company with which he wants to sign the contract. It is important to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the loan agreement and regulations available on the lender’s website. It is also worth checking opinions about the company. We can read them on internet forums or expert statements, e.g. on well-known Internet comparison websites.

Loan application rejected?

You applied for a loan, but you refused it? There may be various reasons for rejecting our application. We will list a few of them:

  • No positive verification of the customer’s account when making a transfer to the lender’s account. If the bank account is not the borrower’s property, the loan application will be automatically rejected. The data that is on your bank account must match those that you entered in the loan form. A bank account cannot also belong to the spouse or parents of the borrower.

  • An entry in the debtor database register is another reason that may lead to a refusal to obtain a loan from a non-bank company. Each lender verifies their clients in the database of debtors and if our name appears as a person in debt, the companies do not want to grant a loan because they are afraid that the client will not pay their liabilities, he will be an even greater debtor or will fall into the so-called debt spiral.

  • The last most common reason for receiving a negative response regarding the grant of a loan are errors made when filling out the form. It is worth checking whether all the data on the form has been correctly completed. If you find a mistake in a typo, your application may also be rejected by the lender.

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